Saturday, 4 November 2017


Whilst I don't necessarily like keeping up with the latest trends, I do like making sure that I regularly update my every day classic items - in this case, the crossbody bag and trench. The bag is one of Marks and Spencer's cult classics that they rework every season in different fabrics and colours. I don't tend to wear allll that many patterns, (*looks back at recent blog posts to see me wearing dots and checks* ahem) so I thought it could be nice to have a more statement bag for the days I wear all plain outfits. Being such a timeless shape with the twist lock fastening and chain handle meant that even with the striped finish, I knew it wouldn't be something I would get bored of quickly and will sit happily in my wardrobe for years to come.

This one isn't really an update, but more of a rediscovery. I found this trench again whilst clearing out my wardrobe (for like the 10th time in as many months!) and I very nearly put it to get chucked out as I hadn't worn it for probably over a year. A little look through Insta and Pinterest later and I remembered why I loved wearing and bought the trench in the first place. Something I forget is that being such a classic, versatile neutral, it can be worn with as many things as a black or grey jacket - and it's nice that for a change the black is just an accent colour to an outfit rather than the main one.

ASOS Soft Trench Coat (similar here, here and here), H&M Basic Sweatshirt, M&S Crossbody Bag, Topshop White Mom Jeans, Adidas Gazelle Trainers

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