Thursday, 22 June 2017


Topshop Coin Pendant Necklace (old), Topshop Nibbled Hem Tee, Nobody's Child Polka Dot Jumpsuit (sold out), New Look Red Backpack, Converse White Lo Tops

Oh Sheringham, you're so cute. In fact, the whole of the Norfolk Coast is just beautiful... Even Gt. Yarmouth has it's good points (Pirates Cove, I'm looking at you! Haha). Moving back to Norfolk after living in the Midlands and the very edge of North London for the last 7 years, I've really come to appreciate the close proximity to some of the amazing coastline and countryside that surrounds Norwich. I've taken time out every week for the last couple of months to take a trip to the beach, and every time I feel like my head space is thanking me for it. Whether I go with friends or family, or even by myself, it's a time I take to breathe in the fresh sea air, feel the sun on my face (definitely got mega burnt doing this a few weeks ago), and feel grateful for my surroundings.
Last week, it was Sheringham's turn. I actually can't remember the last time I visited this little town, but the moment we pulled in to the area all the memories started flooding back. The little gift and chip shops lining the streets under the red, white and blue bunting; The weathered boats tied up on the stony beaches; The rainbow of cute beach huts lining the promenade - a perfectly, quaint seaside town. And thankfully, my outfit matched the nautical colours of the area pretty perfectly so of course a quick outfit shoot was necessary.
As much as the jumpsuit makes it look like I've put on a good stone, I bloody well love it! It's mega loose so I can wear it over tees (my go to style atm), it's covered in polka dots (also a fave rn) and it's the perfect Man Repeller, awkward length. Also this outfit must be pretty awesome because the day after we shot these, I was have a good ol' look through Insta and found @sophia_rosemary had styled it up v similar (only better, of course!) a few weeks back... Anyway, I've linked the outfit items or any similar above and below if you'd like to have a look too!

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Thursday, 8 June 2017


Whilst I'm sure in another half a year I'll be back to hauling around a bulky leather shopper, at the moment I am all about the mini bag. Anyone who brings along the just-in-case items and everything in between, this might not be the bag for you. But as someone who likes to keep their laptop desktop minimal, writes lists on a daily basis and empties their bag after every outing (OCD or just organised - you decide), a mini bag has been an easy transition for me. I'm definitely a bare essentials kinda girl - mobile, contactless, keys and at a push I'll pack a hairbrush and lipstick - and my shoulders definitely thank me for it...
I'm also loving the mini bag trend because the smaller the bag it is, generally the more accessible the price point - especially for designer purchases. And, in terms of a pop of colour or print, a mini bag is MUCH easier to pull off and style than a large tote. It's a no brainer really - the mini bag is the way to go! Below I've linked this bag, as well as a few more beauts from high street to designer at the very bottom, so make sure to take a look!

Monki Cat Print Shirt (old, similar here), Accessorize Mini Bag*, New Look Ring Belt, Topshop Black Leigh Jeans, Mango Applique Loafers (similar here)

The Mini Bag Wishlist:

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