Wednesday, 24 May 2017


When I was contacted by Boohoo to take part in their Blogger X Dress Of The Month, apart from being MEGA excited I was also initially a little worried I was going to be sent over a dress that was tight fitting, a little too ruffly or something super bright in colour. But I actually ended up being SO surprised by how much I liked it! Monochrome? Check! Gingham? Check! Loose smock shape? Check! It was just about a match made in heaven!
I've not really worn many dresses recently so it was fun having to style this one up. Although it's now the warmest week of the year, when I shot this it definitely wasn't bare leg weather! However, I still wanted to style it for the warmer days which is where this oversized denim jacket comes in... The most impractical jacket in terms of it being SO white, but I just love that it could lift every outfit into summer! The sunnies give the outfit an extra summer vibe too, and although I feel like such a basic blogger poser when I wear them, I couldn't love them any more! (Well, unless they were Rayban's anyway!)

Jeepers Peepers Sunglasses, H&M Oversized Denim Jacket (similar here and here), Boohoo Gingham Smock Dress*, Monki Silver Envelope Bag, Zara Contrast Ankle Boots (similar here)

I just want to say a BIG thank you to Boohoo for including me in May's Blogger X Dress Of The Month - if any of you love the dress as much as me, find it by clicking >>here<< (I'd recommend to size down one size)... or for even more cute gingham pieces (seriously, they have LOADS) then click >>here<<

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017


The day after I shot these photos, I saw that the amazing Emma from EJ Style had also posted about wearing all black in the sunshine and I just thought YES girl! Whilst I'm definitely wearing a lot more colour these days, I just feel like there's nothing more chic than an all black outfit when the sun comes out! You've just gotta get the right pieces to stop the look from feeling too winter goth, and more FASHUN hunnaayy!

And what are those pieces I hear you ask? Well, the accessories of course. And one piece in particular, which unless you've been hiding under a rock, you'll know is the accessory of the season - the basket bag! A piece now as much for a day of shopping as it is for a trip to the beach. What works especially well with this Zara version, is the longer strap meaning it's super easy to sling on the shoulder, with the cute little pom poms adding a little summin' summin'! It's also just the perfect size, as I've seen some other fab basket bags about but they look as though my every day items would get lost forever in the bottom of them. So if you can find the last few of these bags left on the shelves in Zara, grab one while you still can. SERIOUSLY - BAG OF THE SEASON.
The sandals are another piece that need a quick mention just because of how much of a bargain they were. After seeing and *nearly* purchasing a Kurt Geiger version of the pair at the end of last summer, imagine how happy I was to find and still be loving a really similar version in the form of this Matalan pair three seasons later! Super comfy with the platform sole, with a subtle nod to the espadrille wicker sole trend - but much more practical with a rubber base. And of course, a black summer outfit is never complete without a pair of reflective sunnies (If you're reading - THANKS Penny!)

H&M Reflective Sunglasses, Topshop Boutique Crochet Top (last season, other Crochet Tops here and here), Zara Basket Bag (similar here and here), ASOS Black Trousers, Matalan Flatform Sandal

Are you one for wearing black in summer? Or have you bought yourself a basket bag yet? Let me know in the comments!

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017


I've recently found a renewed love for Pizza, and since moving away from London I've had to do a quick search around Norwich to fill the Franco Manca shaped hole in my belly! Thankfully, Norwich has branched out from shitty Pizza Hut (do any Norwich readers remember the queue there ALWAYS was outside Pizza Hut in the centre?! Crazy!) and now has some amazing, independent places to go when you fancy a slice or few!...

Brick Pizza

A few of you may have noticed on Instagram that about a month back I made the trip to Brick Pizza. Like Urban Jungle, I found this place on Instagram, as unless you're a regular visitor of Norwich Market this isn't a place you see when passing. Brick feels like a little hidden gem though, discrete alongside the colourful striped roofs of it's neighbour's, this place is oh so cool - just the right amount of hipster ;) - and, most importantly, incredibly delicious!
I visited Brick at lunch time with my mum, and with both our favourite pizza being Napoli it was the obvious choice to share! With part of the kitchen - including the pizza oven - being open to view, it was great to see the pizza being fresh made from start to finish in a matter of minutes! The base was mega thin, just how I like it, and the tomato was rich and spread evenly to perfection. Although I initially thought the toppings were a little sparse, the full flavour of the base, tomato and cheese meant that actually little extra was needed! Also, plus points for chilli oil and flakes provided on the table too!... Just one tiny down point was the section of crust that got burnt - which I'm sure was a one off and let's be honest, we still ate all of it! I can't wait to head back again soon, and would DEFINITELY recommend for a quick lunch or a relaxed evening meal!

Donnelli's Pizzeria

On to Donnellli's - I finally got round to visiting a few days ago! This time I headed along with a friend (HALLO DAN if you're reading!) - who together make up the most indecisive duo there is! Knowing we wanted something slightly spicy, the waitress was kind enough to narrow it down for us and we ordered the Sorrento. This is the older of the two places and seems more like a place where you would go for date night, a family meal - not posh, but slightly less casual than Brick.
On to the pizza - the base was super thin, which as I said, is just how I like it! The tomato didn't seem quite as rich as Brick, and had a certain sweetness to it. I couldn't decide if this was a good thing or not; with the other savoury toppings it was a great balance, but where there wasn't any I just wasn't sure...! Anyway - although not really as spicy as we'd hoped, the rest of the pizza was perfect - great crusts, good quality topping - another place I'll be looking to head back to. It would be great to see a vegan option on the menu like Brick though, as this little extra option will be winning my custom back when I head out for lunch in a couple of weeks time with a vegan friend!

I hope you've enjoyed this little write up of two of Norwich's independent Pizza restaurants! If you've visited let me know how you found it, and also if you know of any other Pizza places to visit in the area!
For further information, including menus and how to get there, click >>here<< for Brick Pizza, and >>here<< for Donnelli's Pizzeria.

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Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Flying Tiger Canvas Tote Bag, Zara Sheepskin Jacket (sold out, similar here), Topshop Nibbled Tee, Topshop Leigh Jeans, New Balance Trainers

Has anyone ever gone in to Tiger with nothing to buy in mind and leaving with EVERYTHING you didn't know you needed? That's basically what happened to me the day I bought this bag. But you know what, I totally don't regret it - especially the bag, as I have worn it LOADS. I wasn't sure if I could work a comical canvas tote in to my wardrobe, but it's become something of a conversation piece every time it's donned my shoulder and I like that about it. Plus I totally do love junk food, so it's a perfect fit.
As Tiger (Flying Tiger to all those outside the UK) don't sell online I've put together a little wish list of all the other Canvas Tote bags I've been loving - but on the off chance you do pass a Tiger, make sure you pop in to have a look!

Left to Right: John Lewis, ASOS, Nor-Folk

Left to Right: Forever 21, ASOS, Urban Outfitters

Left to Right: Madewell, Monki (at ASOS), TruffleShuffle

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