Friday, 3 March 2017


I was recently inspired by USA based furniture company Arhaus* to have a look through their website and put together a little post on creating my dream dressing room. Although it doesn't feature all that much on my blog, I absolutely adore interiors, and am always on the look out for little things to finish off my room, so of course I said yes! Two things I was still on the search for was a dressing table and lighting so this was the perfect excuse to spend even more time than usual online shopping and putting together a little wishlist to share with you all.

All products above via Arhaus

Although my room is predominantly white, I have a real love for rustic and industrial furniture and this is definitely something I'll be bringing more of in to my room with each and every pay day! I'm forever on Pinterest looking for inspiration, and below are just some of the beautiful images I came across whilst searching for an industrial style dressing room. To fit in with this style and a collection that especially stood out to me was the Arhaus Palmer collection. Mixing dark iron and hand finished solid wood, I loved the clean, minimal finish while also being something a little different too.
The desk (shown above) from the Palmer collection is just the right size as a dressing table, fitting a large mirror and make up storage, but still easily having space to fit my laptop. I've also picked out the matching shelving unit, which you may not think about putting in a dressing room, but for things such as knit jumpers and jeans which you don't necessarily want to hang up but you wear so much you don't want to put away in drawers, a unit like this is key. For those reading this post in America, you'll have pretty easy access to Arhaus and their online delivery service, but those back here in the UK who love their Palmer collection as much as me, I've found a great alternative here.
To finish off my dream dressing room - the accessories! Storage boxes, mirrors, textiles and lighting! Whilst cushions are simply because they look nice and every room needs a cushions or two, a full length mirror and good lighting is key... I mean who doesn't look in the mirror when getting dressed, or who gets dressed in the dark?! Nope, me neither! The pendant lighting I found on Arhaus is something I especially loved on the website! Again, I chose industrial style pieces to work well alongside the Palmer collection and have totally fallen for the 5 light ceiling pendant beauty!

Images above via Pinterest

What would you put in your dream dressing room? Are you loving industrial style furniture as much as me? Let me know in the comments!

*Post inspired by Arhaus. All words and interior choices for wishlist my own.

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  1. Lovely picks! Especially love the contrast with the wooden furnitue :) I can't wait to get my own house one day and start decorating it myself.

    1. Thank you! I know, same! I think I'll end up spending all my money on homeware rather than clothes when I have my own house haha x