Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Ever found an item of clothing that when you saw it, your heart literally missed a beat? Yep, that's what happening with this jacket... My chest actually hurt a little! The softness of the faux sheepskin, the snuggley fur running all the way down the sleeves and just the general BEAUTIFUL-NESS of everything about it - what's not to love? I'd been in to my local Zara too many times than I'd like to mention searching for this coat, and had even taken my search online to eBay but found they were selling on there for more than the retail price! Then one afternoon as I was shopping for my spring wardrobe, I saw this beauty on the last chance to buy rail and did a little sprint towards it in fear someone would suddenly pick it up before me... But thankfully no one else was really about and I got there first (and definitely didn't nearly run in to the rail *ahem*)! It was some how magically in my size(!) so I finally had my jacket of dreams. It was mine, allll mine - yippeee!

Even though most of the winter weather has now passed, I'm still clinging on to any signs of the cold, and pairing the jacket with errythang! Trying to style it up for warmer days, I've found that other than taking away the knitwear layer, pale denim and silver accessories are the way to go. Even though the trend for mirrored sunglasses took hold last summer, this is my first pair and I'm a little bit in love! Especially as they match perfectly with my new Monki bag - that I just want to mention is just THE perfect size, style and look for day to night wear! The whole look though is just something I felt totally relaxed and myself in, and while there's still wind in the air this is going to be my go to outfit! (IRL friends: be prepared for repeat outfit offending!)

Jeepers Peepers Mirror Sunglasses, Zara Sheepskin Jacket (sold out, similar here), Topshop Nibbled Tee, Monki Silver Envelope Bag (also available on ASOS here), Topshop Mom Jeans, Vans Silver Slip On Trainers (similar here)

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017


I haven't done a little restaurant review in quite some time so I'm sorry if this is a little rusty...! Anyway, I've walked past North - sister bar of Frank's Bar - on a fair few occasions on my way to Magdalen Street in Norwich, and it's always been pretty busy - but in a good way, not overcrowded, just busy enough to make you think they must be doing something right for so many people to stop by for lunch (does that make sense?). It's in a somewhat awkward location - not quite city centre, but also not quite in the hustle and bustle of Anglia Square - however, the location is great for people watching at the front or a pretty view of the River Wensum from the side, and even has a cute hidden courtyard tucked away at the back too!
The interiors are pretty spot on too, with splashes of colour everywhere! Palm print wallpaper (how I didn't get a photo of this is beyond me!), contrasting coloured lighting, an array of hanging and potted plants, and of course the all important board games for them lazy afternoons of coffee and/or cider!

On to the food! There are three separate menus - one for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner - and all looked full of things that a foodie like myself would like to try, so I'll definitely be back at some point to test out the breakfast and evening menus! This day, I was out for lunch with my parents and thankfully we all had our eye on different things on the menu (always good when doing a little food review)!
Although I'm not veggie, I do actually find most meals don't need meat and this was one of them - The Vegetarian Platter, shown above. The dip was my favourite component of the meal, and dipped and mixed it with everything! It went especially well with the toasted bread and I loved the homemade tortillas with it too. I felt the tabbouleh lacked seasoning - which also wasn't provided on the table - but again, mixing with the dip definitely improved it.
On to the Mackerel on Sourdough Toast - a simple dish, that was a little small for my Dad but meant he could help me out with my platter! He commented that the mackerel was as good and smoked as any, but the horseradish mayo lacked the kick he was expecting it to have, although he did still enjoy the plate. My mum was really pleased with her Tomato and Lentil Soup, commenting you could tell it was homemade and packed full of flavour.
Lastly, on to the Spicy Whitebait that we put in to the centre of the table to share, and what also turned out to be our favourite part of the meal! Cooked fresh to order, they came out piping hot with a good dollop of garlic mayo. It was just totally on point, and so nice to pick at between our own dishes!

A lovely cafe-come-restaurant-come-bar that's well worth a visit. I look forward to heading back in the evening not just for food but trying it out as a bar, in the perfect spot opposite The Mischief and less than a minute walk to The Glasshouse! Let me know if you've tried out North before! And also any other places you think I should try around Norwich!

Check out North's website and Social Media links for further information, location and what's new, by clicking the links here > Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Gingham is back with a bang this season, and I for one have been digging it! I've always been a fan of checks and I love that gingham in particular can be grunge or cutesy depending how you style it. With the frill detail, red bag (more on that in another post!) and matching lippy I've gone for the later, and - my previous wanna-be normcore self would hate me saying this but - I think I like it... alot!
It's not all that often I dive straight in to a trend but gingham is definitely one I'll be buying in to for this coming season. Because, even though these trousers aren't exactly the most flattering - with that frill line expanding my thighs by at least a couple of inches - I felt my outfit pulled together pretty well and even felt an incy bit cool in it, with out feeling I was trying too hard like with some other recent trends ahaha!

Topshop Cropped Sweatshirt (similar here), Zara Frill Hem Tee, New Look Red Backpack, Kate Spade Hinge Bangle, Zara Gingham Trousers, Converse Lo Leather Trainers (similar here),

Have you bought in to the gingham trend yet? I'd love to see your take on the trend, so please send me your links!

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