Wednesday, 22 February 2017


This is an example of when you put together an outfit and don't realise how matchy-matchy it is until you see the photos afterwards... haha! I don't care though as I have been loving these shoes and this knit and this bag so much I just decided I needed to wear them all at once! Navy is definitely my favourite colour of the moment - especially in the form of striped tops - so these shoes are getting a lot of wear, as they pair just perfectly! I like that the flatform gives a *slightly* more fashuurn edge without looking too try hard, and they are just the right height and shape to be able to walk about in without twisting my ankle over every uneven surface (unlike my Superga ones in this blog post)!

Pairing perfectly with flatforms, and a look I have been loving for months is wearing dresses and long line shirts over trousers - and with Lizzy and Brittany, and a whole host of Scandi bloggers rocking this, it must be a trend to watch! The much cooler cousin of the trusty black tights, this is the only way to keep legs warm when wearing dresses in these colder months... And a style I'll be adapting to wear right in to summer! *if I close my eyes and wish hard enough will the sun come any quicker?*

Warehouse Knit Dress (similar here), Primark Leopard Celine Dupe Bag (similar here and here), New Look High Waist Trousers (similar here), Carvela Navy Flatform Brogues

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  1. Dresses over trousers is such a thing, I love it! And embrace the matchy matchy i do it all the time all goes perfectly! looks fab


  2. This looks great! And I'm also wishing for sun :D xx

    1. thanks! let's keep our fingers crossed the rain stops soon x

  3. You look great!