Sunday, 14 February 2016


I'm not sure I've ever mentioned on this blog, but I'm actually getting married this year! After eight and a half years together and two years engaged, things have finally got moving and I'm soon to become Mrs Weston (though, I'm not actually sure I'll be changing my last name!)
Now, I'm no stress head when it comes to organising the big day - that's not to say I'm finding it all that fun either! - but one bit of stress I am having is with the cost! With the average cost of a wedding totaling over £20,000, we just didn't having the funds to consider ALOT of venues, a wedding planner or an infinite cost for all the little things like decorations! So over the last few months, I have taken to Pinterest and Etsy for DIY inspiration to create lots of beautiful pieces for more than half the cost!
For this DIY in particular, I found 12 flags priced at £4.20 + £2.50 P&P on Etsy. While I love supporting small businesses, my crafty side kicked in and I decided I could definitely make something similar but at a much cheaper price. I already had the scissors and cocktail sticks in my cupboard, so only had to purchase some glitter washi tape, which I did on eBay for only 99p plus 89p P&P, and I could probably make about 50 flags with the amount of tape on the roll - BARGAIN! So, keep reading for my first little wedding DIY - cupcake flag toppers!

You will need: scissors, cocktail sticks, glitter washi tape

1. Cut the point off one end of the cocktail stick (the pointed end will be poked in to the cupcakes)

2. Cut roughly a 5cm strip of the washi tape

3. Lay the cocktail stick in the centre of the washi tape

4. Fold the washi tape around the cocktail stick, matching up the edges as neatly as possible

5. Cut a shallow triangle from the outer corners of the flag

6. And there you have it... Just repeat as many times as needed!

What do you think of my first wedding DIY? Is this something you would try yourself? If you do, I'd love to see some pictures!

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Friday, 5 February 2016


Duster Jacket: Monki at ASOS (now in sale), Logo Tee: Whistles (now in sale), Culottes: Warehouse (similar here), Bag: Monki (similar here), Boots: Century 21

I was definitely the only person walking in this cold, muddy park with clean boots, bare ankles and a thin coat on... Always dressing appropriately for the weather, I am! I just couldn't wait any longer for some sunshine, so decided to brave it instead and take out this jacket in all its duster glory! I saw it an age ago on ASOS at full price but after seeing it go to half price and more I decided I couldn't risk waiting any longer and got it at an amazing 70% off. It won't be leaving my back all winter, spring and probably most of summer too - let's not kid ourselves, it's not gonna get over about 15 degrees, is it? - so get used to it being a repeat offender around here!
I've actually got a few posts line up for once, so check back in a couple of days and follow me on the links below to keep updated!
PS. a haircut has been booked in so you won't have to be scared of this forehead of mine for too much longer!
PPS. yes I am a ghost, no human could be THAT pale

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