Thursday, 17 December 2015


Well, this has been a long time coming hasn't it. It must've been, what, over 2 months since the last post!? TUT TUT! Naughty blogger and all that. So, let's get straight back to it with the posts that I just love doing. WISHLISTS! The best excuse of them all to online shop for "blogging purposes" *ahem*
I've been such a good saver these last couple of months, but up to Christmas I feel like a new outfit for both day and night is in order. A casual everyday one (think Christmas shopping, a night round the girls, or even just a trip to the postie to send off them Christmas cards!) and a full on party one (think your Christmas work party, NYE and everything in between!). So here I give you my picks for these winter outfits...

Party Wishlist: Faux Fur Clutches, Necklace, Silver Cami (now on sale!), Coated Jeans, Silver Nail Varnish, Patent Stilettos, Glitter Smock Dress, Glitter Stilettos, Faux Fur Patchwork Jacket (now on sale!), Faux Leather Dress

First up, the party outfit wishlist. Of course, we all know this year it's all about mixing textures - leather, glitter, fur, metallics - we need to make sure we're wearing these all at once to be considered even a little bit cool! My two favourites here have got to be the Patchwork Jacket and the Glitter Smock. The mix of faux furs give a much needed update to a classic winter jacket, and after seeing it in store, think it actually looks much more expensive and glam than the original versions. Mixing in a bit of glitter in the form of the smock dress from Zara is the only way to go this NYE! It's such an easy shape to wear, and you won't get self conscious from the little Christmas food baby you've built up from the weeks before! I've finished off the looks with an absolutely amazing statement necklace from Topshop, and both a classic patent and statement ombre glitter heel from Spartoo to mix and match with all the wishlist pieces.

Everyday Wishlist: Speckle Knit Top, Velvet Jeans, Jacquard Coat, Faux Fur Trim Gloves (similar here and here), Ankle Boots, Large Check Coat, Check Knit Scarf

Again, it's about mixing the textures, but for day time we swap leather for velvet, glitter for chunky knits. And one thing we all need is a statement coat, and these two in particular I have absolutely fallen for! The Mango coat is just the dream shape and length with the luxurious herringbone fabric tied at the waist, and I just love the frayed trim to the collar and cuffs too. The Marks and Spencer beauty on the other hand is a very current, oversized fit and I'm all about the checks around this time of year! And finally, we all know from the blogger boot queen, In The Frow, that ankle boots are always the staple of the season so a classic leather pair like these is top of my wishlist!

Is there anything you've seen here you want to pick up before Christmas? I know as soon as my pre Christmas payday hits I'm gonna have to pick up a couple of things myself!

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