Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Restaurant and Brasserie De Rechtbank: After reading about this place in a magazine, and with it being in close proximity to the Miffy Museum, we made our way to De Rechtbank for lunch. We didn't want anything too heavy as we would be walking around a lot, so opted for the light lunches available. I went for the goats cheese and honey baguette, which let me tell you was so good! I'd never tried goats cheese with anything but chutney, but the sweetness of the honey did the same job in cutting through the tang of the cheese. The bread that it sat in was also completely delicious in its own right too - crisp and distinctly fresh. It's described by the magazine we saw it in as one of the best outdoor cafes in The Netherlands, which is hard to agree or disagree with when we only visited for a couple of days. However, I have to say that although the food was great, the service was pretty slow and not overly friendly, and so the cafe up next (after photos of De Rechtbank) I definitely preferred!...

Bagels and Beans: This place was pretty darn great if you ask me. The lady was very kind to our lack of Dutch, and although queried my request for syrup in iced coffee rather than hot coffee (is that actually a strange request?), was happy to accomodate. Once we received our drinks, a pesky wasp forced us to relocate inside, but with the beaming sun outside, a little time to cool off was just what we needed to enjoy the food... and did you ever see lunch look so amazing yet be so healthy? I think not! Everything was fresh, great quality and just delicious, and I obviously had to test everyone elses food too, for review purposes of course ahem! I was very jealous of my parents shared dip platter to go with their bagels, but knowing I'm no good at fairly sharing food, I think I made the right decision with smoked meat, hummus and chutney! YUM!

The Lobby Restaurant and Bar: Once the parents had made their way off home, Big Sis and I headed to The Lobby after reading a recommendation on another blog. We were greeted by a lady with a strange, blunt sense of humour. We really weren't sure whether to laugh or not at what she said but we decided to just ignore the comment and carry on enjoying our day in the form of American Pancakes and a very unusual Bread and Tomato salad with Scallops. You'd imagine a plate of green leaf and tomotoes and a side a bread to arrive at your table, but what arrived was like nothing I'd ever tried! Squares of bread, soaked in the vibrant, cold tomato relish sauce. Doesn't sound the most appetising combination, does it?! But it completely worked! The bread almost acted as tofu in that it absorbed all the fresh taste of tomatoes in to one tiny bite. This mixed with the richness of the scallop and smoothness of the creme fraiche, gave just the perfect balance of flavour. Big Sis had the pancakes you see below - but bacon, banana, creme fraiche and maple syrup on top of a pile of spongy goodness doesn't really need explaining, does it!

And The Rest... Sushi at Jiro in the Orient Plaza, Hagelslag from Albert Heign, Iced Coffee at Puux, and Ice Cream at Lilly's Ijs & Chocolade! Any recommendations for my next visit to The Netherlands? Let know in the comments!

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