Thursday, 27 August 2015


A little fact for you all, my big sister lives in The Netherlands, and has done so for a few years now. I'm clearly a bad little sis as until my trip, I hadn't made it over to visit even though it's literally like a 40 minute flight! That's less time than it takes to get to my hometown of Norwich! Anyway, as it's a place I've never been before, I obviously got photo happy and decided to share a few of these snaps with you. So, first up we visited the city of Utrecht...

Outfit: Pom Pom Detail Top: Zara, Necklace (one of set of three): Topshop (similar here), Blue Raw Hem Jeans: Topshop, Leopard Print Bag: Primark, Fringed Sandals: ASOS

Probably like most people, when I thought of The Netherlands the only town or city I could name was Amsterdam. So when my sister suggested visiting Utrecht, I had no idea what to expect! Turns out, it's a lovely city that I actually preferred to the capital! It's not only filled with the typical shops like H&M, Zara and Mango but also lovely independent ones, the best antique shops I've been to, gorgeous cafe's (including one of The Netherlands top voted cafe's - more on that in another blog post!) and last but not least the Miffy Museum! And what makes it even better is that just about everything in the centre is walkable to, so if you have even one day spare during a visit to the country, I'd definitely recommend you make the trip over to Utrecht!
Next came a short but sweet visit to my sisters home town of Nijmegen. I didn't take too many photos of this city but if you want to take a look, check out my Instagram page where I've been uploading photos of a few of the places we saw and things we ate including a traditional Dutch breakfast!
Right, on to Amsterdam! My mum and dad took a flight home a day earlier than me, leaving big sis and I to explore the city by ourselves. Whilst I'm sure it would have been hilarious to visit the Sex Museum and been inspiring to see the paintings of Van Gogh, we wanted to visit some of the less touristy areas and just have a good ol' walk about, throwing in a few canals for good measure, of course!...

Outfit: Sunglasses: Vans at ASOS, Striped Top: Monki, Circle Necklace: H&M (similar here)

Now, I did really like Amsterdam, but compared to all those who have raved about how amazing it is, I just thought it was... good! I loved loved loved spending time with my sister, but if I were to visit again I perhaps wouldn't put up as big a fuss about exploring the city as I did this time. It was absolutely boiling hot this day as well, so this combined with walking miles with a heavy rucksack wasn't all too fun! Saying this, I'll let you know my highlights... Firstly, Delft shops! As you'll see in an upcoming Interiors Post, I'm a big fan of collecting a whole load of blue and white nik naks from charity shops! So to walk in to a shop dedicated to the stuff was amazing! I especially loved the little kitty cat figures you can see in one of the photos above! Another big love were the buildings. Rows and rows of a monochrome Instagrammers dream! Haha! Oh what I would do to pick one of these up and plonk it down in central London and call it my own! And lastly, the CUTE little shops we went in! I'm a very bad blogger for not taking photos of these, but do take a trip slightly out of the central touristy area to Gerard Doustraat! You'll find some of the prettiest shops in town including Anna + Nina, Felice and All the Luck in the World. Filled with ditsy jewellery, rose gold interior pieces and upcoming fashion brands, you'll be really glad you take the walk (or bike ride) out there!
Until next time, please do let me know of any places you know (cafe's, shops and scenic surroundings included!) to visit around The Netherlands! And keep a look out for a round up post of all the place's we ate at while we were there, coming in the next few days hopefully!

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Welcome back to outfit post central, beautiful spider web infested lean-to straight ahead, awkward posing in all directions! It's been far too long since my last OOTD, especially with all the outfits I've got lined up ready to shoot for y'all! I've had a right search through the wardrobe, creating a charity shop pile, eBay pile and a when-the-F-did-I-buy-this-beauty-I-must-wear-you-ASAP pile in the progress. This post's dress made it to the latter pile although I do remember getting it in an H&M order in my first year of Uni, but at the time thinking it was way too long and refusing to wear it...! Oh how times change, as today I was paranoid it may be too short! Saying that, it's just the most perfectly shaped dress for me, I love a good smock shape, especially one with a sleeve, and looking at the photos it's actually a great length too! Plus, with the cute Aztec pattern, it gives great summer vibes so is DEF coming with me on holiday next month! 31 DAYS TO GO!

Outfit: Smock Dress: H&M (similar here), Bag: Primark, Necklace: ASOS (similar here), Sandals: ASOS

Let me know in the comments what you think of this outfit and also if you've rediscovered any pieces in your wardrobe lately!

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Sunday, 16 August 2015


I follow hundreds of blogs, it's seriously getting a bit out of hand now. I know it's apparently becoming saturated market but that doesn't mean bloggers old and new shouldn't carry on doing what they love just because people are saying there are too many of us! Blogs are so varied that there's always something new to see and read, no matter how many there are! Anyway, I've decided to put together a little series of blogs that I've totally been loving recently. Go show them some love if you like them too and feel free to send me links to any of your favourites too!

Erika Bowes

The Style Archive

Holly Loves The Simple Things

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Sunday, 9 August 2015


Wishlist: Striped Culottes Jumpsuit: Topshop, Cord Pinafore Dress: Topshop, Slogan Tee: Topshop, Sunglasses: Topshop, Striped Tee: Warehouse, White Leather Rucksack: ASOS, Grey Nike Trainers: & Other Stories, Sandals: ASOS

Why, hello there! Long time no speak! No excuses this time, I just got lazy (hey, visual work is exhausting)! And I'm sure I will continue with this laziness very soon, but for now, I have the next 3 weekends off work and feel motivated to get a few posts up. Seeing as I missed July's wishlist, I'll start off with one for August!...
Although the shops have already been bombarding us with knitwear, I've so far resisted and am still being drawn to all things summer for my holiday with Trek America next month! Well, I say summer, but I'm not sure corduroy and long sleeves is what any one else but myself sees summer dressing as! But the moment I saw the pinafore above on Helen's Topshop Haul video, I added it straight to my basket! Be quick if you like it too though, as it keeps flashing in and out of stock!
To pair perfectly with the pinafore I found this striped tee by Warehouse. I LOVE that it's got black stripes, as so many striped tees recently have had a deceiving navy stripe! While I'm sure this wouldn't fuss many people, I just couldn't bring myself to purchase something that wasn't monochrome! Aha! Another top that would work just as well with the pinafore is the Make The Boys Cry tee, which paired with the grey Nike's would be just the darn cutest little outfit everrr. HEART SLOGAN TEES, TRAINERS AND PINAFORE DRESSES... who knew that I'd still be dressing like my 5 year old self over the age of 20?!!
Right y'all, I'm off to make the most of the rest of this weekend! Be sure to let me know what you're up to too, and also what your favourite piece from this months wishlist is!

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