Friday, 19 June 2015


It was actually ages ago that I visited this cafe, way over a month anyway. Continuing my search around Watford for some little foodie delights, I came across The LP Cafe on Instagram. I would definitely never have found or even heard about this place if it was for the wonders of social media! Tucked around the corner at the top of The Parade in central Watford, we found this little spot hiding. You kind of don't expect anything to be around there, as quite a few of the other places did appear to be shut down, but I think that's one of the things that made this place like a gem in the dust (Is that the saying? It doesn't sound right?!)

We popped in quite late for lunch so the sandwich and bagel displays weren't looking as full as I'm sure they could be, but the cakes definitely enticed us in! We both went for the goats cheese, onion chutney and rocket ciabatta as we are both massive cheese lovers! I am sad to say, however, they did seem to skimp just a little on the goats cheese and the beetroot was all we could taste! Noooo! It's perhaps our own fault as we came a bit late so they may have been running out but we were still a little let down in our cheese dreams! So I'm very glad when my little slice heaven in the form of carrot cake arrived! It's not generally a cake I would choose - in fact, I'm not sure I've ever had carrot cake from any cafe - but I'm so glad I went for it! The sponge was super light and the butter cream just delicious! NOMNOMNOMNOM!

And just as amazing as that carrot cake was the interior! While I'm normally one for loving the minimal, Scandi style interiors, I just loved the little quirky features spotted about. From the LP corner and pots of Lego on the table, to the shelves filled with books and Lego Dinosaurs, it was just really... cool! To finish it all off, we played way too many progressively competitive games of Guess Who until the cafe was empty enough for me not to be embarrassed to take these photos!

To view the website and find out a little more about The LP Cafe, click here.

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  1. This cafe looks absolutely darling! Hey, they can't be doing that with the cheese yo! Haha, but that cake looks absolutely amazing <3
    She Will Be

    1. it really was amazing! i hope they have it again next time I pop in!

      Rose and Weston x

  2. great post !!

    had a great read :D

    love the design you have



  3. Love your blog :) and great post! I've wanted to visit this café for soo long. Can't believe I haven't been yet being a local. Amazing photo's as well x


    1. thanks :) and do take a visit! I put it off for a while cos it's the other end to where all the shops are so I kept forgetting about it! x