Monday, 29 June 2015


After reading about this place on twitter, I found myself excited to try it as soon as Daley and I had a day off together. But with our two phones drained of battery on the way there, we found ourselves giving up on finding The Cafe In The Park for the day and decided to head to the Aquadrome as this was sign posted everywhere... and by absolute coincidence, the cafe was right there too! YES! We're not from around the area and don't know Rickmansworth at all so we felt this was quite the achievement!

With our drinks in hand, we looked at the small but perfectly formed menu. I usually take a good ten minutes minimum choosing what to eat but the site of halloumi, falafel and tzatziki all in one meal meant I chose the Mezze within seconds! Daley claimed he wasn't hungry but still went on to order the biggest item on the menu in the form of the Olde Spot burger. This is typical Daley, but I don't mind as I usually get to help him finish his meal like the greedy guts I am haha! Little did we know though, that this would be one of the most delicious portions of chips and juicy burgers we would ever encounter and he didn't want to share more than one chip with me!! In that one chip though (well, actually, I did manage to pinch another few... shhh!), I really have to say they were the best chips I've ever eaten. I'm not sure what they were seasoned with in cooking, but they were spot on - just the right saltiness, width and crispiness for us both to agree and declare that they were THE PERFECT CHIPS! The burger was absolutely bloody tasty too, I must add!

On to my Mezze - it had a lot of living up to do after them chips! With trying to be slightly healthy recently, this was the perfect choice. Each dip was super delicious and really flavourful; my favourite being the tzatziki, but surprisingly also really loving the smashed peas. I'm a halloumi fan through and through, so this was obviously another a big thumbs up from me too! Although there wasn't quite enough flat bread for the amount of dips, this meant I finished my meal completely satisfied with out feeling horribly bloated. Good job healthy little mezze, you curbed my jealously of Daley's burger and chips rather well!

But then the waitress tempted us with the cakes! I felt my healthy day quickly disappearing just at the thought of the sugary delciousness! However we were recommended a few that would perhaps make me feel not quite so bad - GF Orange Cake, Courgette and Lime Cake (surely with fruit and veg in the names, they must be healthy...?!) and even the Amazing Cake which contained no egg, sugar, milk or butter! Each cake looked so so enticing, but it was ultimately the Banana cake you see below, in all it's sticky glory, that we ended up taking with us to go! Completely worth ending my healthy day as it was just SO good! SO SO GOOD!

We had such an amazing meal here, that The Cafe In The Park is now our new little favourite place to eat outside of London! Definitely a place I'll be taking people to when they come to visit, even if we just pop in for a drink (and, of course, a portion of chips!) before heading out for a walk around the area. I hope if any of you get round to taking a visit here, you love it as much as we do! Where's your favourite place to eat in your area? We'd love to try some new places outside of London! Let me know in the comments!

To find out more about The Cafe In The Park or to view their menu, click here.

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Wishlist: Black Crop V Neck Vest: Topshop, Jersey V Neck Vest: Topshop (very similar here), White Stripe Trousers: Won Hundred, Sunglasses: Mango, Snap Back: Fanatics, D Ring Trousers: Mango (now in sale!), Black Tie Waist Trousers: New Look, Trainers: Nike at Office

A rather late June wishlist here for y'all! With my trip to America about 3 months away I've already been on the search for some casual summery outfits for it! Last time I was over in The States, just about everyone sported a pair of Nike trainers, so this year I hope to be no different! Not only have trainers taken over the shoe world, they are also the obvious shoe of choice for a bit of trekking - last year I wore Converse and kinda ripped my feet to shreds on a hike in to the Grand Canyon, so this time something a bit more supportive and comfortable like these Nikes is a must!
Another thing top on the list is a hat to protect my pale as pale can be face! While I'm normally one for wearing a fedora, I again want to go all out American and go for a snap back! Not sure if they really suit me but I definitely want to give it a go! And if all else fails, Daley will definitely be wanting to steal it off me as he's a bit of a snap back fanatic! I've picked a MLB San Diego one from the League Basic collection as this was one of our favourite places last time we travelled there and we will be back here again this year too! Plus, it will fit in with my entire monochrome wardrobe of course! (although, Fanatics have a mahoosive range if you're wanting something a bit more colourful!)
Lastly, I had to include some striped trousers in this wishlist! I have been obsessing over them this month and they fit just perfectly in with the sporty vibe this collection has going, but adds a little touch of luxe to the looks too. My particular favourite pair is the New Look ones on the right - with the tie waist and light material they will be just perfect for the heat of California, while still being right on trend without looking like I've tried too hard!

What do you think of these picks? Can you think of any must haves for a trip to the USA? Let me know in the comments!

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Friday, 19 June 2015


It was actually ages ago that I visited this cafe, way over a month anyway. Continuing my search around Watford for some little foodie delights, I came across The LP Cafe on Instagram. I would definitely never have found or even heard about this place if it was for the wonders of social media! Tucked around the corner at the top of The Parade in central Watford, we found this little spot hiding. You kind of don't expect anything to be around there, as quite a few of the other places did appear to be shut down, but I think that's one of the things that made this place like a gem in the dust (Is that the saying? It doesn't sound right?!)

We popped in quite late for lunch so the sandwich and bagel displays weren't looking as full as I'm sure they could be, but the cakes definitely enticed us in! We both went for the goats cheese, onion chutney and rocket ciabatta as we are both massive cheese lovers! I am sad to say, however, they did seem to skimp just a little on the goats cheese and the beetroot was all we could taste! Noooo! It's perhaps our own fault as we came a bit late so they may have been running out but we were still a little let down in our cheese dreams! So I'm very glad when my little slice heaven in the form of carrot cake arrived! It's not generally a cake I would choose - in fact, I'm not sure I've ever had carrot cake from any cafe - but I'm so glad I went for it! The sponge was super light and the butter cream just delicious! NOMNOMNOMNOM!

And just as amazing as that carrot cake was the interior! While I'm normally one for loving the minimal, Scandi style interiors, I just loved the little quirky features spotted about. From the LP corner and pots of Lego on the table, to the shelves filled with books and Lego Dinosaurs, it was just really... cool! To finish it all off, we played way too many progressively competitive games of Guess Who until the cafe was empty enough for me not to be embarrassed to take these photos!

To view the website and find out a little more about The LP Cafe, click here.

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Monday, 8 June 2015


After dressing up for my brothers wedding over the weekend, my feet and whole body needed a good rest so what better than a pair of converse and dressing like you're five years old in comfy denim dungarees! I'm still not sure if they really suit me and Daley actually gave them the nod, so that puts even more doubt in my mind aha! However, I've removed the tags now and my lovely Kitty loves them too so they have a brilliant coating of cat hair, so they definitely can't be returned!

Outfit: Sunglasses: Monki, Dungarees: ASOS, Striped Tee: Topshop (similar here), Black Low Converse: Office

Anyway, only a quick post today as I'm now off to view some venues for my own wedding eeeep! Anyone wanting to lend me a few thousand pounds would be much appreciated - weddings are way too expensive! Let me know what you think of the dungarees in the comments!

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