Wednesday, 6 May 2015


I've never really been one for going out to breakfast. When it's my day off I only seem to be able to roll out of bed just before 10, and then by the time I've watched Homes Under The Hammer (yes, I'm THAT cool!) and I'm ready, it's past midday so it's technically lunch time! But, being a Sunday and so no Homes Under The Hammer, I managed to be out of the house in plenty of time before any breakfast menus stopped serving. We decided to head to Giraffe, after their breakfast menu had a little bit more of a twist than the others we'd quickly read online. Wanting to go for something slightly healthy after a week of being a little too greedy, I opted for Avocado, Hummus & Roasted Cherry Tomatoes on Toasted Artisan Sourdough with Basil Oil. But with still having that greedy but oh so brilliant brain of mine, I added an extra pouched egg, which finished of my plate perfectly! It didn't look like the most presentable plate of food and I wasn't sure about the hummus alongside an egg but everything on the plate seemed to compliment each other perfectly. The slight saltiness of the hummus seasoning helped bring out the flavours on everything - who knew hummus was the perfect breakfast accompaniment?

On to Daley's breakfast, he chose the Full Brunch which included eggs, smoky bacon, sausages, beans, sourdough toast and potato wedges. Two lots of carbs in breakfast is a good thing, right? Well, it was for Daley anyway, who was so hungry he got and devoured extra bacon as well as the rest of the breakfast. I tried to get him to describe the Full Brunch, but I think how quickly he ate it showed how much he enjoyed it! Not as cheap as a 'spoons breakfast, but I think they quality of the ingredients did seem much better (although that's not very hard, is it!)
Saying that we did have a little complaint about the otherwise great breakfasts - the sourdough was very hard, and although it was toasted, it was so tough it was almost like cardboard by the time I got to my last bit of it! But other than that, two lovely breakfasts for a lazy Sunday morning!

To visit the Giraffe website, as well as read all the menus including the breakfast menu, click here.

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