Monday, 25 May 2015


Expect to see this wall a lot in the coming outfit posts! I may not live near a row of beautiful white Victorian houses or any kind of scenic background, but a plain white wall is the next best thing! Anyway, on to the outfit...
You know when you look in to your over-packed wardrobe and still find nothing to wear? Yup, this happened to me the day we shot these pictures. I try not to get jealous of the endless new clothes I see in the big bloggers posts on a daily basis, but the little green monster still peeps out each time I open the Bloglovin' app! However, I've really cut back on my spending recently, and am trying to rediscover pieces that have been hidden away that I feel deserve a bit of recognition in the form of a blog post.

So in this wardrobe rediscovery, I found quite possibly the comfiest trousers known to man. Grey, knitted, elasticated, and oh so sports luxe chic with a slightly (super cool) Granny vibe! Adding to that, the floral shirt is half silky, half jersey, making it more than comfy enough to wear to bed aha! But hopefully the duster and slick of lipstick make this whole look a bit more appropriate for leaving the house and people not thinking I'm walking around in my PJ's!

Outfit: Duster Coat: Primark, Shirt: H&M, Knitted Trousers: H&M (similar here), Bag: Primark, Pointed Shoes: New Look (similar here)

Have you rediscovered anything at the back of your wardrobe that you'll be wearing this summer? Let me know!

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  1. Love this outfit! Well done on cutting your spending back too, I seriously need to do that. Love your lipstick! x

    1. thanks Ruby! the lipstick is Nars Heatwave if you were wondering :)

      Rose and Weston x

  2. Loving this outfit, the shirt is very pretty x

  3. Cute outfit Laura :)

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