Sunday, 17 May 2015


Wishlist: Black Slingbacks: Forever 21, Contrast Trim Top: Zara, Polka Dot Culottes: Monki at ASOS, Short Sleeve Dress: Whistles, Suede Shopper Bag: Mango, White Cleated Sliders: Monki, Polka Dot Shirt: Monki at ASOS, Contrast Sleeve T-shirt: Zara

I've been very slack yet again on here, so my apologies for that! I've actually just been trying to enjoy my free days a bit more recently rather than stuck inside on my laptop on these sunny days we've been having. I love getting posts done, but no idea how people manage so well with full time jobs. Guess I'm just not expert-blogger enough (yet!) to get posts done quickly enough to be able to enjoy free time as well! HOWEVER... I've tried hard to get myself in gear and have managed to get some outfit and restaurant photos taken, so do keep checking back for them in the next week!
Anyway, my eyes must have been drawn to the polka dots this month as nearly every bookmark I had saved to make this post seemed to have this pattern in some sorts. In particular this month I've been desperately in love with every piece from Whistles' Shibori print collection, and had lusted over their sold out dungarees in this print! But I am equally loving this easy smock dress in the same pattern, and if I had any money spare for a holiday this year, this would definitely be my first thing to buy for my time away!
Another thing I'm almost definitely going to buy as soon as pay day comes, is the two piece by Monki! Totally fell in love the moment I saw it on the ASOS model and the pieces have been in my summer dreams since then for casual days in the city. To finish off the look, the simple white cleated sliders work just perfectly, and would obviously fit right in with every monochrome piece I've already purchased for the coming season!
Let me know of any pieces you've spotted for the summer months in the comments below! And also what your favourite pick is from my wishlist too!

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    1. yes! such an easy everyday bag! kinda wish it wasn't real suede so I could afford it before payday though!

      Rose and Weston x

  2. Replies
    1. haha my wishlists are always alllll monochrome, so if you look back I'm sure you'll find even more you love too! :)

      Rose and Weston x