Monday, 30 March 2015


So I just want to set the record straight - as many times as I compare other restaurant's ramen dishes to Wagamama's and the competition wins hands down, that doesn't mean I still don't love Wagamama! Their ramen may not be my absolute favourite but some of their other dishes I am a massive fan of and would happily eat on rotation everyday of the week. One such dish is the Firecracker Prawns, which I ate on this occasion, and is one of my favourites. Before I get in to that deliciousness though let me talk through the beginning of my visit...

Being a new Wagamama restaurant it was nice to see a slightly updated interior, with seating looking over the kitchen and private booths, as well as the long tables we all know Wagamama for. We did however get plonked right at the back and the lighting was pretty dark so didn't really get to enjoy the new atmosphere like those sat towards the front of the restaurant. However, we were more interested in the food than the space, and so got on with the order. I always go for the juice, as I find it nicely refreshing alongside the savoury food, so was happy to find a new flavour on the menu - Clean Green Juice - kiwi, avocado and apple. I disappointingly couldn't taste the avocado but was super tasty all the same. As always, we then ordered the Pulled Pork Gyozas which went down very nicely. I hate ordering the same thing again and again, but we enjoy these too much not to! Although one day I must try the Chilli Squid and Goma Wakame Salad, as I've heard many good things about both dishes!

...And finally, on to the main. The delicious Firecracker Prawns! This, along with the Prawn Chilli Men and Prawn Kare Lomen (see the prawn theme going on here!), is a definite favourite. With the Firecracker I always swap out the rice in favour of noodles, and then add on a fair amount of chilli oil, chilli flakes and soy, and there we have a veryyy tasty dish! Being a fan of heat in a dish, I was always going to be drawn to this chilli filled choice, but the actual flavour of the chilli's is beautifully sweet, sour and smokey all in one. Now once again, let's not pretend I know how to describe flavours properly and just trust me that you need to visit your nearest Wagamama as soon as possible!

Oh, and we also got some Chocolate Fudge Cake. Kinda average, but a nice way to end the meal.

To visit the Wagamama website and see the menu, click here.

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Thursday, 19 March 2015


Seriously, no idea how I've already seen bloggers outfit posts where they're wearing skirts without tights already! I'm still very much wrapped up in chunky roll necks like this! Especially on days like today when I have a stinking cold and am curled up on the sofa! I mentioned this knit aaaages ago on a wishlist, and ended up getting it for Christmas. How I'm only just blogging about it now, I have no idea! I love the oversized fit, flecked knit, loose roll neck and split side - so basically I love everything about it! And out of all my jumpers, this has got to be my absolute favourite! I kept the rest simple and black as I didn't feel like anything else was needed with the jumper, and probably because yet again I was back in Norwich and didn't bring any other clothes home with me! Aha!

Anyway, short post today as like I said I'm ill and feeling very sorry for myself! Let me know what you think of the outfit in the comments! And if you're still wrapped up in cosy knits too!

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Sunday, 15 March 2015


YAY! Some sunshine finally made it's way from the clouds! Still couldn't ditch the black OBVIOUSLY so I whipped out the white trousers to brighten up my outfit for the day. I did feel a bit like people were staring, only used to seeing a dull pair of jeans and a winter coat for the past few months, but it felt so nice to be wearing bright whites (even if my ankles were so pale they almost blended in the them!). Should have brought out the sunnies too as in the majority of these photos I was squinting too much, so they had to be added to the reject pile!... My boyfriend has become much more patient with the photo taking though, so we still managed to get a few pictures on this sunny day, thankfully.

Unlike the trousers, this jumper I have been wearing all winter long. Seriously the slouchiest, comfiest jumper I own! I love the flecked knit next to the fresh white and the silver accessories, a different way to dress a little brighter for the sunshine without wearing that dreaded thing called colour! Aha! I am loving silver accessories at the moment, and after missing out on some silver brogues in the New Look sale, I saw these Vans beauties pop up on Bonjour Luce's Instagram and immediately fell in love. I'd been wanting a new pair of kicks for a while now, but not being the biggest fan of the Adidas Stan Smith trainers, I was after something else classic but with a twist - and I think these Vans are just that! I've heard space shoe comments from the family but I love the dark, worn silver coating and can see myself wearing these long in to summer.

Outfit: Jumper: H&M (similar here), Necklace and Charms: Pandora, Trench Coat: Primark (similar here), Trousers: Mango, Bag: Primark, Shoes: Vans at Office

What are you wearing in the transition between winter and summer dressing? Are you loving this little bit of sunshine we're getting? Let me know in the comments!

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Friday, 13 March 2015


I wasn't expecting to do a blog post on The Estcourt Arms, but as soon as this baguette and scotch egg arrived, my taste buds got excited and so I whipped out my camera! It's not a place you expect your steak to come medium rare and your scotch egg soft in the centre, with it's traditional old fashioned pub interior and pile of board games. I guess that's what made it even better though, the fact it was so unexpected.
Like I said, the steak came a perfect pink for me, and what made it better than a lot of pub steak sandwiches is that the steak wasn't at all cheap and chewy. In fact it didn't have a single piece of fat in the whole sandwich and so I munched away very happily in to the sourdough baguette! It also came with a simple but freshly made salad with your own choice of dressing and a lovely homemade coleslaw on the side, again much unlike the typical pub salad with limp lettuce leaves and not much else! A great, quick pub lunch all round... but then on to the scotch egg, which made it all the better!...

Just look at the scotch egg above! I was expecting it to be tasty after the baguette but oh my gaaahd it was so so good! The egg was still beautifully runny even after sitting there whilst I ate my baguette, and the meat was amazing! It's sourced from the local Gibson butchers and was seasoned and mixed with chorizo just perfectly. I haven't eaten that many fresh scotch eggs in my time, but I'm sure this is going to be hard to beat (although I am very biased as I LOVE chorizo)! So if you're after a really great, freshly cooked pub lunch in a relaxed atmosphere where you can play a very competitive game of scrabble for over 3 hours and not feel rushed to leave (like we did! And YES, the word QUID in the photo below did earn me 96 points! I hope you're reading this Liz! Mwahaha!), then give this place a visit! We'll definitely be heading back to make use of the beer garden as soon as the sun peeks out!

To view the website and find out a little more about The Estcourt Arms, click here.

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