Tuesday, 24 February 2015


So I thought I'd already found the perfect Ramen (check out the post here), but when I saw a place called Bone Daddies popping up on PollyScoffs' and Bonjour Luce's blogs with glowing reviews, I was definitely intrigued! We popped down on a Saturday afternoon, not sure whether we would get a seat at peak lunch time, but we decided we were willing to wait. It's on a little side street off Wardour Street, and unless you're really looking for it, you'll walk right past - we did just that until we got the help of Google Maps! After getting inside, we only had a couple of minutes wait before getting seated - Bonus! - but the tables were very squashed and I felt like we were dining with the man sat next to us! Thankfully he finished and we spread ourselves just enough for the staff not to sit anyone next to us, haha!

Ordering the food, we were shown the specials board but decided to stick to the specialty of Bone Daddies - Ramen, of course! Although I love seafood, the spicy choice won this time, and I ordered the Spicy Miso Ramen, while my friend ordered the Mushroom Ramen. All bowls are served with an egg, beansprouts and noodles, which were delicious additions and made the dish look so exciting, but to be honest are not really needed with the intense, rich flavour of the ramen! The pork neck in my dish was amazingly tender, whilst the mushrooms in my friends dish looked exotic and would love to try myself if (read: when) I take a trip back. By the silence whilst eating our ramen, I think we both agreed that our chosen dishes were absolutely on point! I definitely recommend a trip here for all you noodle fans or anyone wanting to try something new and insanely delicious!

But which restaurant's ramen won? Bone Daddies or Shoryu Ramen? I think I'll just have to take a trip back to both places to make my final decision! To check out Bone Daddies website and menu, click here.

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  1. With the constant frigid cold a hot ramen is ideal...and this looks simply amazing, would slurp every last ramen up :)


    1. yes so perfect for this weather! although I'll be going back even when it's hot! x

  2. Seems like an amazing place! :)