Thursday, 26 February 2015


Last week it was my birthday! I'm now very old and don't wish to talk about ever coming up to a quarter of a century years old! However I do want to talk about my love this (very grey!) outfit that I wore on my birthday! My other half said I looked like a librarian in this outfit, but if Orla Kiely's LFW show was anything to go by, librarian chic is the next big thing! And oh how I do love a good roll neck and dogtooth trouser combo, so will be fitting in very nicely with this trend! The roll neck you see here is actually from my mum's wardrobe, so I'm not sure where it's from but after receiving these trousers as a birthday present I made a beeline for this jumper after remembering her wearing this in previous years (my mum's so cool, she's ahead of the trends!) Continuing with the librarian theme, I added my trusty patent brogues and oversized satchel, and I was good to go!

This whole outfit I wore on my acutal birthday, including out in the evening for an enormous meal at Dray Yard Smokehouse in Norwich. Due to Monki's excellent thinking with the elasticated back half of the waistband, these trousers allowed superbly for my food baby! I don't feel the photos do the trousers full justice, so will be putting together an outfit post showing these again soon - make sure to keep an eye out for the post! I had hoped to also do a post of the whole of my birthday but I failed to take any during the day, and the ones took on my phone of the meal were super pixelated due to the dark lighting... but do make sure you check out Dray Yard Smokehouse's website and of course their restaurant as the food was divine! And our waiter was just hilarious - will definitely be going back again when I'm next home in Norwich!

Outfit: Faux Fur Collar Coat: Topshop via eBay, Roll Neck Jumper: Mum's Wardrobe (similar here), Dogtooth Print Trousers (now in sale): Monki, Patent Brogues: Schuh, Satchel: Zara (similar here)

What do you think of my version of librarian chic? Did you pick up on any trends from LFW you'll be wearing next winter? And have any of you made the trip to Norwich to eat at Dray Yard Smokehouse? Let me know in the comments!

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015


So I thought I'd already found the perfect Ramen (check out the post here), but when I saw a place called Bone Daddies popping up on PollyScoffs' and Bonjour Luce's blogs with glowing reviews, I was definitely intrigued! We popped down on a Saturday afternoon, not sure whether we would get a seat at peak lunch time, but we decided we were willing to wait. It's on a little side street off Wardour Street, and unless you're really looking for it, you'll walk right past - we did just that until we got the help of Google Maps! After getting inside, we only had a couple of minutes wait before getting seated - Bonus! - but the tables were very squashed and I felt like we were dining with the man sat next to us! Thankfully he finished and we spread ourselves just enough for the staff not to sit anyone next to us, haha!

Ordering the food, we were shown the specials board but decided to stick to the specialty of Bone Daddies - Ramen, of course! Although I love seafood, the spicy choice won this time, and I ordered the Spicy Miso Ramen, while my friend ordered the Mushroom Ramen. All bowls are served with an egg, beansprouts and noodles, which were delicious additions and made the dish look so exciting, but to be honest are not really needed with the intense, rich flavour of the ramen! The pork neck in my dish was amazingly tender, whilst the mushrooms in my friends dish looked exotic and would love to try myself if (read: when) I take a trip back. By the silence whilst eating our ramen, I think we both agreed that our chosen dishes were absolutely on point! I definitely recommend a trip here for all you noodle fans or anyone wanting to try something new and insanely delicious!

But which restaurant's ramen won? Bone Daddies or Shoryu Ramen? I think I'll just have to take a trip back to both places to make my final decision! To check out Bone Daddies website and menu, click here.

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Thursday, 19 February 2015


Thinking of different ways to style up these culottes after my last post, but in a way that I feel I could wear with a little more confidence, I decided to wear all black everythaaang! I mean, what better way to style something for a monochrome addict, than in all black?! I've mixed in leather to give little hints of different texture too, which definitely adds a little something to a basic outfit. Compared to my last much more casual outfit styling of these culottes, the addition of the jacket and boots makes it perfect for a day in the Big Smoke and then in to an evening out too.
Taking a peak under the jacket, you'll just see the beautiful C est Chic sweatshirt from Whistles. Like my last Whistles purchase, this was also a major sales bargain! Don't think I've ever been able to afford anything full price from there, so a visit to the Whistles sale is a must for me. I'm a big fan of logos and type on tops and sweatshirts, but I'm also very particular when it comes to the typography, - probably something to do with my design degree! - so the minimal type on the Whistles pieces is perfect!

Outfit: Faux Leather Jacket: Topshop via eBay, C est Chic Sweatshirt: Whistles, Culottes: ASOS, Bag: Primark, Leather Ankle Boots: Century 21 (similar here)

Would you wear culottes? What would you style them with? And do you prefer this styling of culottes or my last one? Let me know in the comments!

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Friday, 13 February 2015


Haven't done a wishlist in a while now, have I?! I've decided to switch it up from Monochrome Monday as I was finding it difficult to find a whole new wishlist each week! So slowing it down to a monthly wishlist, I'm hoping to be able to find less items but ones I reallllllly love and want, rather than lots that I only kind of like! So here we have my February Wishlist!

Wishlist: Bomber Jacket, Knit Dress, Rip Knee Trousers, Striped Crop Roll Neck, Chunky Knit Roll Neck, Striped Shirt, Silver Watch, Slip On Trainers, Joggers

Since working with John Lewis, I've been introduced to their own brand called Kin by John Lewis. The hits of their collection remind me of a cross between Whistles and H&M, with the price point probably mid-way between the two brands too. The bomber jacket, dress, chunky roll neck and slip ons above are all by this brand, and I think you will probably agree that they're not quite what you expect from this department store. On trend, contemporary, relaxed pieces that I know I'd be wearing for seasons to come.
Stripes have been another big hit for me this recently - vertical, horizontal, thick and thin, I seem to been drawn in by anything with this print lately, with Warehouse in particular bringing out some great striped pieces this season. The striped shirt I saw on entering the store and made a beeline for it! The material will be perfect for layering now and also great for warmer months too as it's quite a light fabric. Once pay day comes, I'm pretty sure this will be my first purchase! Quite a few pieces of this wishlist I've also asked for for my Birthday - which when this goes live, is today! Happy birthday to me! I'll be back in Norwich for a few of relaxing days with Daley and my parents, which I'm super excited about. If I have time, I'll try and do a little post of the day too! So keep an eye out in a week or so for that.

Anything on this months wishlist that you love too? Or any links to items you've got on your own wishlist? I'd love to know, so feel free to leave it in a comment!

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015


I wasn't even sure if I was going to publish this blog post - 1. because I'm sure I've worn nearly this exact outfit in another blog post, and 2. because I completely forgot to put on eyeliner and so look pretty disgusting! HOWEVER... a cat photobombed in the majority of the images we took, making the photos all the more worth publishing! Crazy cat lady indeed I am!

Just a short post today but I did want to mention the jumper I'm wearing. The fabric is really unusual, like a stretchy loose knit, and when you role the sleeves up there is a contracting weave, which I love. It also has a striped sport trim, a feature I've been really drawn towards on tops this season. Is there anything you've been drawn to wearing recently? And anyone else out there a crazy cat lady too? Let me know so we can share cat stories and have cat play dates and just generally be crazy cat ladies together please!

Outfit: Fedora: Topshop, Denim Jacket: Forever 21, Jumper: French Connection, Scarf: Forever 21, Trousers: Forever 21, Bag: Primark, Trainers: Nike

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Saturday, 7 February 2015


It must be over a month since I did my last outfit post! With starting a new job just before Christmas, things got a little hectic and couldn't do anything on my days off other than eat or sleep until I got in to the swing of things! Have you been enjoying the food posts I've been doing though? As I kinda enjoy doing them a lot more than posing in the cold at the moment! Haha! Anyway, coming up nearly two months (where did January go?!) since I started, I finally have a good routine (and an ASOS delivery!) and thus outfit posts are back in full swing!
In the mentioned ASOS delivery, I grabbed a sale bargain in the form of these culottes down from £40 to £12! I've seen countless bloggers wearing culottes for months now, but its wasn't until seeing Chloe from The Little Plum styling them a few weeks back that I was really inspired to push my outfit comfort boundaries a little and take the plunge! I liked the mix up of tailoring with sport wear, and so channeled that in to my own take with my trusty Nike SB's and graphic sweatshirt. I'm still not 100% on the culottes, and having my legs on show during winter will give anyone a fright, but I'm going to keep styling them up different ways until I'm confident enough to wear them somewhere other than my house - as I currently feel too masculine in them with the trainers, even though that's a trend I love on other people!

On to the Whistles sweat shirt - this is my favourite piece of the moment! It just seems to work well with any trouser or jean, and especially love it paired with this little circle necklace to highlight to curve on the top! I am really loving everything new I see coming in to Whistles recently, and wanting cut down on the impulse spends, is the perfect brand for more investment pieces that I'll wear for years to come. I'd seen and adored this sweat full price but with an empty purse from Christmas spending I had to wait and keep fingers crossed for the sales where it was marked down once, and then marked down another time to 70% off and I couldn't hold off any longer! What a bargain it was!

Did you get any bargains in the sale? Have you tried styling up anything new and out of your usual comfort zone recently? I'd love to know!

Outfit: Sweatshirt: Whistles (now only £20!), Necklace: H&M, Culottes: ASOS, Trainers: Nike, Coat: Primark

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