Thursday, 4 December 2014


So, since we last spoke a couple things have happened. I have left my job and got a new one much closer to home, which makes me super happy as not only will I be saving about £8 a day in travel (£40 a week more to spend on clothes, right?), it will take me about 45 minutes less each way to get to and from work! I'm so happy about this as I was in complete overdrive in my last job. I finished work at 6, got home about 7.45 because of them almost daily London Midland train delays, ate dinner, completed things I'd taken home from work to finish, and then it was bed time. I had no idea when I was supposed to fit in any me time, social time or Christmas shopping whatsoever, as my days off were just spent sleeping! Although I'm still going to be working my arse off in my new job, the hours are much better and like I said the travel time has been cut hugely, so I am very excited and happy to be getting more time for myself!
Another thing that's happened that I'm really excited about is one of my best friends is moving down to live with us for a few weeks (lets hope that turns in to months (read: forever)), which just before Christmas will be so fun! Daley absolutely hates Christmas, so in previous years I have had no one to watch films, Christmas shop and wrap presents with, so having her here to stay will be super duper fun!

Anyway, on to the outfit and my amazinggg long lost tweed trousers from New Look! I have had these since before I started Uni and never really got in to wearing them until recently. Even though they do appear a bit baggy in the photos, they are actually just perfect with the right leg fit, just high enough on the waist, and long enough too as I often find trousers way too short for my very disproportionate leg length! The tweed material alongside the tailored cut makes them the perfect work trouser, but with the tie waist and paired with this burn out tartan tee gives a more relaxed day off vibe while still making it look like you made an effort. These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago now, and it makes me so sad how much more cold it's got just in them 2 weeks. This coat is pretty thin to be honest and my little arms can't bare the thought of wearing this until about March time now! Noooo! Although I'm now more excited than ever to wear woolies and winter coats, I do really love this coat and so will be missed in the months to come!

Are any of you excited to be dressing for winter? And have you had any exciting things been happening? I'd love to know! Ps. Sorry about the grainy quality of the photos here! Think even 3pm is now too dark to take photos!

Outfit: Fedora: Topshop, Trench Coat: Primark, T-shirt: Topshop, Trousers: New Look, Ankle Boots: Century 21

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  1. Congratulations on the new job, commuting can be such a hassle and a job on its own. I love tartan, it brings such a sophisticated element to an outfit.

    1. thank you! I love it too, especially towards Christmas :) x