Saturday, 6 December 2014


I was a little skeptical about this place, as when I walked past this place on my way to Watford Junction on moving first to the area I was sure it was another closed down venue. The outside appears a little unloved and the place was shut up mid afternoon, but to my surprise on my way home in the evening the place was bustling with people. I decided to read up on the place online, and with the website under maintenance, turned to the food bloggers and writers for what to expect. And you know what, my initial thoughts were completely wrong; although I wasn't the only one! Reading these reviews, others found that it "defies initial impressions" and even queries whether it's "Watford's Best?". I was definitely intrigued!
We had decided that when our next days off matched up, we would take a visit to Rodells, and so did just the other day. As soon as you walk through the door the smell is just amazing, making me immediately excited to browse what was on offer. What we loved about the menu was that it is changed single every day, for lunch and for dinner. Our menu, shown below, is December fourth's offerings. The staff described the menu as a variety of World Foods, with tastes and ideas being picked up from where ever the head chef Mario had visited. The mix is quite eclectic, which as someone who finds narrowing down a menu difficult, made choosing quite a tough decision! But with our love chorizo and the confident description "voted no. 1 in the world" we went for the Callos Madrilenos and Malay Beef Rendang.

Now, what we didn't realise (even though it stated on the menu!) was that these came with a choice of rice, noodles or mash, and in a rash decision chose noodles in the Callos Madrilenos and rice with the Rendang. Complete wrong decision with the noodles! The dish would have been just so much nicer and suited to go with mash! I also found the the side portions were a tad too big in comparison to the main part of the dish, but that might just be me being greedy! That said, both dishes still tasted delicious. Although the Callos Madrilenos (just pictured in first photo) and noodles were an odd combination, taking away the noodles the dish was full of flavour, and the chorizo and pork was cooked as perfect as could be! Our favourite by far, though, was definitely the Malay Beef Rendang. I seriously need to learn how to describe flavours better because I'm basically at a loss at describing just how amazing this was and how tender the beef was too! But for now, until I learn to describe better, I suggest you take a trip 15 minutes from Euston on the train out to this place and discover it for yourself! Look past Rodell's appearance and you'll find seriously good, fresh cooking here, well worth the trip for any Londoners or people of Watford and it's surrounding areas!

To visit Rodell's website, click here.

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