Friday, 19 December 2014


The only three things I seem to eat - ramen noodles, curry and a good ol' burger. So having done a good search around for ramen already, it was time to hit London for some burgers. Anyone who's had even a little wander around London will have seen a Byron restaurant. I was a little worried it was going to be just a nicer looking version of a Burger King, with cheap tasting burgers, but I still had to try it out for myself. We went late afternoon around 4pm, and was surprised to see how busy it was for the time of day, but managed to get a great table on the raised level looking over the restaurant. I loved that they had little hidden cows all the restaurant, and managed to find a good few while waiting for our meal. The restaurant itself was a nicely spaced so you didn't feel like you were sitting on top of the next table, and I liked that you could see right in to the kitchen with out the place being too noisy or smelly! Obviously a bit of delicious burger smell is a bonus, but you don't want to be choking from it!

Right, on to the food then. Another menu, another time spent with Daley getting annoyed by the amount of time it takes me to choose what I want from it! Still not being able to narrow it down to just one though, I managed to persuade Daley to share each burger half and half! So, we eventually went for the Chilli and the Smoky Burgers. Firstly, the Smoky burger (above) was topped with smoky cheese, crispy onions, bacon, pickles and a smoky BBQ sauce. Apart from the absence of Chilli (made up for in the other burger!) and perhaps some pulled pork, these are my favourite burger toppings, so was obviously verrrrry pleased with this choice! One bad point - I couldn't really taste the "smokiness" I was expecting from the sauce and cheese. Now to the Chilli burger, thankfully this time the taste of the sauce of chipotle mayo was much clearer, and we were also pleasantly surprised that the added chillies were actually quite spicy! Being spice fanatics, Daley and I are usually let down by the "spicy" choices on the menu, so to find that the chillies on our burger had a good heat to them was a real plus. So to combine the two burgers in to one, would provide us with pretty much the perfect toppings for a burger! The burger patties themselves were cooked perfectly medium, and although not the absolute most flavoursome I've ever taste, with the addition of the toppings on both burgers we scoffed them down very happily! To finish, we topped it all off with a Knickerbocker Glory, larvley!

I hope that as Byron continues to expand the burgers stay the same. We don't need anymore McDonald's now, do we! Have you ever been to Byron before? Do you know any burger restaurants you think I should test out? Let me know in the comments!

We visited the Central St. Giles Byron Restaurant, but to find other locations and the menu, click here.

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