Sunday, 21 December 2014


It may not be National Christmas Jumper Day, but being less than a week until Christmas *SQUEALS LIKE A 5 YEAR OLD!* I've been wearing all things festive! As should all of you out there! Glitter, sequins, tartan and novelty knits! This is actually a jumper from last years Topshop sale I got for a bargain £8 down from £30! I like that it's not too in your face festive, with the silver glitter pairing well with the grey of the sweater material, so would be perfect for the office or just if you're someone like me who doesn't particularly like anything too in your face. Christmas is, however, just about the only time of year I'll happily wear any kind of colour, so a touch of red and forest green in the form of this beautiful mohair coat finished off this look in perfect Christmas fashion.

Are you all ready for Christmas? I finally got my last presents today and also managed to book a last minute rental car home. Any one wanting to get a cat (or any pet actually) that they won't want to leave when going away for Christmas, remember that they will of course be absolutely terrified on the underground or train! And hiring a car around the festive period is CRAZY expensive! Haha! Anyway, I'm all ready to go now - just 3 days of work to go! Any one else travelling back Christmas Eve? Got your Christmas music ready for the journey? Let me know in the comments!

Outfit: Mohair Coat: Topshop, Jumper: Topshop, Belt: Vintage, Bag: Primark, Jeans: Topshop, Converse: Office

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  1. Love tha jumper, it is really subtle. Lucky you having all your presents in , I've still got a few to buy :(

    1. thanks! and you've got a few days to go, you can still get them :) x

  2. hey there!!!

    Lovely blog post my dear !!

    I love your blog it's lovely

    Would mean so much to see you on my blog


    Have a good day !


    1. thanks jade! love the header of your blog, super cute :) x

  3. Lovely outfit! Just found your blog and can tell I'm going to be obsessed with it :) xox

    1. aw thank you! do you have a blog link? would love to take a look if you do :) x