Wednesday, 31 December 2014


I can't believe that's another year over! It's not been the most exciting of years to be honest - other than moving London way! Having been travelling the year before, Daley and I have kind of just spent the year trying to get back a decent amount of money after spending it all in America (which moving my job initially to Oxford Street meant it did not go so well). We also spent time trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives. But, we still don't have a clue, and we've decided that we're okay with that. We are definitely not ready to buy a house or decide on careers. We're just happy to plod along and what will be, will be! So in fitting with this, and because I never do, this year I won't be making any resolution, but will just be taking each day as it comes!
I've put together an Instagram round up, which you will see is mostly just cats, food and fashion! I only started this account in February but have managed to take a fair few hundred photos since then! So check them out and if you don't follow me on Instagram already (if not, why not?!) then click here or find me at @roseandweston!

February: Valentines Day Roses, Kitty, Cakes At Patisserie Valerie, At Zaks In Norwich With Mum For My Birthday Meal, Testing Canapes Made By Daley At The Lost And Found In Birmingham, Taking My Krispy Kreme Virginity

March: A Starter Portion Of The Mixed Grill At The Hen And Chickens In Birmingham, Kitty, Koala Slippers, FWIS, Reuben Sandwich At Boston Tea Party In Birmingham, Prawn Kare Lomen At Wagamama

April: Kitty, Seafood Platter At Chameleon In Birmingham, One Of My Favourite Outfits Of 2014, Thai Food From The Thailand In Norwich, Monochrome Haul, Mine And My Mums First Trip To Yo Sushi Together

May: My Favourite Cath Kidston Backpack, Kitty, Cocktails With My Friend Liz, Lunch Outside On A Day Out In Solihull, Prawn Tapas Dish At Toreros in Norwich, Kitty

June: The Perfect Combination Of An ASOS Delivery And Kitty, Lola's Cupcakes In Topshop Oxford Street, Taking My Five Guys Virginity, Liberty London, Realising How Fat Kitty Had Got, Duck Ramen At Wagamama

July: Breakfast At Yorks In Birmingham, Kitty, A Trip To Thrigby Zoo, One Of My Favourite Outfits of 2014, Lunch With A Friend At No. 33 Cafe In Norwich, A Night Out With A Friend At The Jekyll And Hyde In Birmingham

August: Prawn Kare Lomen At Wagamama When My Sister Came To Visit From Holland, A Friends Birthday BBQ, Kitty, Outfit Photo, Toppoki Restaurant In Birmingham For Our 7 Year Anniversary, Amazing Roast Dinner Cooked By Daley At The Lost And Found In Birmingham

September: Exploring Notting Hill, Lunch In A London Park, Kitty Hiding In The Duvet, Kitty, Exploring London Streets, Pizza at Franco Manca In Brixton

October: Food Blogging At Wahaca In London, Outfit Photo While Exploring London Streets, Kitty, Every Day Work Outfit, Purchases Made At Paxton and Whitfield, My Two Favourites

November: Daley Eating Ramen At Sushi No Mai In Watford, Christmas Lights At House Of Fraser Oxford Street, Eating A German Doughnut From The Birmingham Christmas Market, Baking The Christmas Cake with Dad, One Of My favourite Outfits Of 2014, A Trip To Birmingham Christmas Market

December: Christmas Tree And Kitty, Exploring Covent Garden, Flowers From My Manager When I Left My Job As Manager At Yumi, Nandos For Daleys Birthday, Christmas Outfit Photo, The Best Christmas Dinner Ever

Hope you've enjoyed my years round up! Whatever you're doing this evening, I hope you have a fun night! Mine will be spent with my Kitty and a Kopparberg! See you in the New Year!

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Monday, 22 December 2014


Wishlist: Cat Purse, Glitter Nail Polish, Stack Rings, Card Case, Marble Phone Case, Faux Fur Scarf, Glitter Socks

Just a quick guide for any one doing some last minute shopping or needing to fill a stocking! Still 2 days left to get it all done - plenty of time and with special delivery you can still receive online orders too! So, in all seriousness, get going! And don't forget the gift wrap!

This is my last post before Christmas! Hope you all have a fun and festive day! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!

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Sunday, 21 December 2014


It may not be National Christmas Jumper Day, but being less than a week until Christmas *SQUEALS LIKE A 5 YEAR OLD!* I've been wearing all things festive! As should all of you out there! Glitter, sequins, tartan and novelty knits! This is actually a jumper from last years Topshop sale I got for a bargain £8 down from £30! I like that it's not too in your face festive, with the silver glitter pairing well with the grey of the sweater material, so would be perfect for the office or just if you're someone like me who doesn't particularly like anything too in your face. Christmas is, however, just about the only time of year I'll happily wear any kind of colour, so a touch of red and forest green in the form of this beautiful mohair coat finished off this look in perfect Christmas fashion.

Are you all ready for Christmas? I finally got my last presents today and also managed to book a last minute rental car home. Any one wanting to get a cat (or any pet actually) that they won't want to leave when going away for Christmas, remember that they will of course be absolutely terrified on the underground or train! And hiring a car around the festive period is CRAZY expensive! Haha! Anyway, I'm all ready to go now - just 3 days of work to go! Any one else travelling back Christmas Eve? Got your Christmas music ready for the journey? Let me know in the comments!

Outfit: Mohair Coat: Topshop, Jumper: Topshop, Belt: Vintage, Bag: Primark, Jeans: Topshop, Converse: Office

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Friday, 19 December 2014


The only three things I seem to eat - ramen noodles, curry and a good ol' burger. So having done a good search around for ramen already, it was time to hit London for some burgers. Anyone who's had even a little wander around London will have seen a Byron restaurant. I was a little worried it was going to be just a nicer looking version of a Burger King, with cheap tasting burgers, but I still had to try it out for myself. We went late afternoon around 4pm, and was surprised to see how busy it was for the time of day, but managed to get a great table on the raised level looking over the restaurant. I loved that they had little hidden cows all the restaurant, and managed to find a good few while waiting for our meal. The restaurant itself was a nicely spaced so you didn't feel like you were sitting on top of the next table, and I liked that you could see right in to the kitchen with out the place being too noisy or smelly! Obviously a bit of delicious burger smell is a bonus, but you don't want to be choking from it!

Right, on to the food then. Another menu, another time spent with Daley getting annoyed by the amount of time it takes me to choose what I want from it! Still not being able to narrow it down to just one though, I managed to persuade Daley to share each burger half and half! So, we eventually went for the Chilli and the Smoky Burgers. Firstly, the Smoky burger (above) was topped with smoky cheese, crispy onions, bacon, pickles and a smoky BBQ sauce. Apart from the absence of Chilli (made up for in the other burger!) and perhaps some pulled pork, these are my favourite burger toppings, so was obviously verrrrry pleased with this choice! One bad point - I couldn't really taste the "smokiness" I was expecting from the sauce and cheese. Now to the Chilli burger, thankfully this time the taste of the sauce of chipotle mayo was much clearer, and we were also pleasantly surprised that the added chillies were actually quite spicy! Being spice fanatics, Daley and I are usually let down by the "spicy" choices on the menu, so to find that the chillies on our burger had a good heat to them was a real plus. So to combine the two burgers in to one, would provide us with pretty much the perfect toppings for a burger! The burger patties themselves were cooked perfectly medium, and although not the absolute most flavoursome I've ever taste, with the addition of the toppings on both burgers we scoffed them down very happily! To finish, we topped it all off with a Knickerbocker Glory, larvley!

I hope that as Byron continues to expand the burgers stay the same. We don't need anymore McDonald's now, do we! Have you ever been to Byron before? Do you know any burger restaurants you think I should test out? Let me know in the comments!

We visited the Central St. Giles Byron Restaurant, but to find other locations and the menu, click here.

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Monday, 15 December 2014


How else to do a monochrome Christmas clothing guide than by choosing nearly all things glitter and sequin? I like that around the festive period, you can look like a disco ball and still be considered normal! Contrasting the textures of dressy sequins with leather and casual chunky knits makes glittery Christmas looks feel so much more expensive - cos gurl don't wanna look cheap now! I especially love the heavily embellished hem skirt by Topshop, it would just go perfectly with the silver Vans and black slogan sweatshirt under an oversized tweed coat, yes? I definitely think so!

Wishlist: Lurex Crop Top, Lurex Bomber Jacket, Metallic Vans Trainers, Embellished Hem Skirt, Marc By Marc Jacobs Watch, Sequin Trousers, Sparkle Texture Cami, Black Slogan Jumper, Faux Pearl Ring, Penguin Jumper

Sorry about cutting this post short and the pixelated quality of some of the images - I have now been away 19 hours and all the nice items I could find online were rubbish quality! 10 days til Christmas though! YIPEEEE! I hope my gift guide helps at least one of you. What's your favourite piece from the guide?

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Thursday, 11 December 2014


The day we shot these photos was the coldest day of the year so far. I was bloody freezing! Last minute, we decided to head in to central to top up on some festive vibes at Covent Garden but didn't head in until the sun was just starting to set - adding to the dropping temperature! I still haven't dug out the hat and gloves yet, so it's probably my own fault that my finger tips felt numb until the next day. Anyway, knowing we were going to go see some Christmas sights I decided to wear my favourite winter colour, burgundy! Inspired by the ASOS trend of Colour Control, I focused on burgundy as my main colour but of course couldn't help but add in some touches of grey. And no Christmas look is complete with out a little bit of check, so added this in as an in between layer to keep me just a teeny bit warmer!

Once we got to Covent Garden, it was heaving with Christmas shoppers and tourists and was actually a bit overwhelmingly busy! Also SantaCon was in full swing in the area, meaning that there were even more people around than usual - it was so funny seeing all the people dressed as Santa though, and added to the Christmas-y feeling! I didn't really get a chance to take any proper photos when we were there, but of course a few quick ones made it to my instagram! I haven't been feeling as festive as early this year, but this evening definitely helped! Plus my day off today is going to involve a bit of Christmas shopping followed by some classic Christmas films, so will soon be in crazy Christmas overdrive and I can't wait!

What are you doing to feel festive? Do you have a favourite colour to wear around Christmas? And what do you think of this outfit? Let me know in the comments!

Outfit: Dress: Topshop (similar here), Shirt: Topman, Coat: Topshop, Scarf: Forever 21, Bag: Primark, Boots: Century 21, Lipstick: Topshop

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Monday, 8 December 2014


Wishlist: Striped Cushion, White Plant Pots, Triangle Cushion, Ombre Carafe, Long Geometric Cushion, Decorative Painted Bowl, Black Geometric Candle, Texture Spot Cushion, Tall Cylindrical Vase, Ombre Knit Cushion, Geometric Storage Tins, Silver Desk Lamp

So, I basically want my home to be like my wardrobe - monochrome! IKEA is obviously the best shop on the planet, and I could happily visit every weekend if my bank balance and other half allowed! Even though their products are crazy cheap, buying a trolley full of crazy cheap still amounts to a lot! I always feel like a bit grown up when I ask for home accessories for Christmas, it makes me realise that maybe I'm not the 10 year old that asks for only toys on their list. They're also good investment pieces if you choose wisely, as they're on display and used more than most pieces of clothing you own! For the slightly more luxury pieces than IKEA, John Lewis is THE ONE for home accessories! I feel like if I buy items from here, they will last a life time! Or I'll keep telling myself that after I splurged on a single cushion for £35! What was I thinking... well actually, I know what I was thinking - this cushion is amazingggg!
My favourite items of this gift guide? Firstly, the ombre knit cushion from BHS, which I saw it in the window display of their Oxford Street store. I know it would look just perfect in my little monochrome house! Because it is knitted, it looks as though it's been hand made - but by a really talented, trendy weaver rather than your Granny! And I love hand made (or at least hand made looking) items, they just feel a bit more special to gift them as presents. Secondly is the silver desk lamp from IKEA. Do I really need to say more than it's chrome, only £15 and looks like the Pixar lamp?! No, I do not.

See anything that takes your fancy for Christmas on this home accessories gift guide? Or even anything you want to buy for your home right now? I sure know I'll be taking a trip to IKEA in the next week!

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Saturday, 6 December 2014


I was a little skeptical about this place, as when I walked past this place on my way to Watford Junction on moving first to the area I was sure it was another closed down venue. The outside appears a little unloved and the place was shut up mid afternoon, but to my surprise on my way home in the evening the place was bustling with people. I decided to read up on the place online, and with the website under maintenance, turned to the food bloggers and writers for what to expect. And you know what, my initial thoughts were completely wrong; although I wasn't the only one! Reading these reviews, others found that it "defies initial impressions" and even queries whether it's "Watford's Best?". I was definitely intrigued!
We had decided that when our next days off matched up, we would take a visit to Rodells, and so did just the other day. As soon as you walk through the door the smell is just amazing, making me immediately excited to browse what was on offer. What we loved about the menu was that it is changed single every day, for lunch and for dinner. Our menu, shown below, is December fourth's offerings. The staff described the menu as a variety of World Foods, with tastes and ideas being picked up from where ever the head chef Mario had visited. The mix is quite eclectic, which as someone who finds narrowing down a menu difficult, made choosing quite a tough decision! But with our love chorizo and the confident description "voted no. 1 in the world" we went for the Callos Madrilenos and Malay Beef Rendang.

Now, what we didn't realise (even though it stated on the menu!) was that these came with a choice of rice, noodles or mash, and in a rash decision chose noodles in the Callos Madrilenos and rice with the Rendang. Complete wrong decision with the noodles! The dish would have been just so much nicer and suited to go with mash! I also found the the side portions were a tad too big in comparison to the main part of the dish, but that might just be me being greedy! That said, both dishes still tasted delicious. Although the Callos Madrilenos (just pictured in first photo) and noodles were an odd combination, taking away the noodles the dish was full of flavour, and the chorizo and pork was cooked as perfect as could be! Our favourite by far, though, was definitely the Malay Beef Rendang. I seriously need to learn how to describe flavours better because I'm basically at a loss at describing just how amazing this was and how tender the beef was too! But for now, until I learn to describe better, I suggest you take a trip 15 minutes from Euston on the train out to this place and discover it for yourself! Look past Rodell's appearance and you'll find seriously good, fresh cooking here, well worth the trip for any Londoners or people of Watford and it's surrounding areas!

To visit Rodell's website, click here.

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Thursday, 4 December 2014


So, since we last spoke a couple things have happened. I have left my job and got a new one much closer to home, which makes me super happy as not only will I be saving about £8 a day in travel (£40 a week more to spend on clothes, right?), it will take me about 45 minutes less each way to get to and from work! I'm so happy about this as I was in complete overdrive in my last job. I finished work at 6, got home about 7.45 because of them almost daily London Midland train delays, ate dinner, completed things I'd taken home from work to finish, and then it was bed time. I had no idea when I was supposed to fit in any me time, social time or Christmas shopping whatsoever, as my days off were just spent sleeping! Although I'm still going to be working my arse off in my new job, the hours are much better and like I said the travel time has been cut hugely, so I am very excited and happy to be getting more time for myself!
Another thing that's happened that I'm really excited about is one of my best friends is moving down to live with us for a few weeks (lets hope that turns in to months (read: forever)), which just before Christmas will be so fun! Daley absolutely hates Christmas, so in previous years I have had no one to watch films, Christmas shop and wrap presents with, so having her here to stay will be super duper fun!

Anyway, on to the outfit and my amazinggg long lost tweed trousers from New Look! I have had these since before I started Uni and never really got in to wearing them until recently. Even though they do appear a bit baggy in the photos, they are actually just perfect with the right leg fit, just high enough on the waist, and long enough too as I often find trousers way too short for my very disproportionate leg length! The tweed material alongside the tailored cut makes them the perfect work trouser, but with the tie waist and paired with this burn out tartan tee gives a more relaxed day off vibe while still making it look like you made an effort. These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago now, and it makes me so sad how much more cold it's got just in them 2 weeks. This coat is pretty thin to be honest and my little arms can't bare the thought of wearing this until about March time now! Noooo! Although I'm now more excited than ever to wear woolies and winter coats, I do really love this coat and so will be missed in the months to come!

Are any of you excited to be dressing for winter? And have you had any exciting things been happening? I'd love to know! Ps. Sorry about the grainy quality of the photos here! Think even 3pm is now too dark to take photos!

Outfit: Fedora: Topshop, Trench Coat: Primark, T-shirt: Topshop, Trousers: New Look, Ankle Boots: Century 21

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