Monday, 10 November 2014


Just a quick post today on one of my favourite take out spots. When I lived in Birmingham, a Chop and Wok sat nearly opposite the staff entrance to wear I worked, and a huge amount of willpower was required not to go there every day. Moving to London, I thought I had got away from the temptation, but in a huge coincidence there was a Chop and Wok right near where I now work too! Of course I had to pop in to compare. Ordering my usual of Tiger Prawns with a Mumbai Chilli and Paprika (the hottest sauce on the menu, yet still not spicy enough!) I knew I was going to be happy with my choice, and it certainly did not disappoint! A quick, super tasty lunch before I started work, and even though the pots were smaller and they didn't have thin rice vermicelli noodle option which I usually went for in Birmingham, they did have the additional option of sushi, and so am very sure I will be visiting again soon!

To view the Chop and Wok London menu, click here.

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