Saturday, 13 September 2014


Happy London Fashion Week everyone! Oh how I wish I was there! But on an equally as exciting note, I moved down to London this week YIPPEEE! FINALLY. I have wanted to move here for so so long and it's finally happened. So I might not be living in central Chelsea or such places, but I am still super happy! Once we don't have boxes everywhere and some furniture (turns out, the floor isn't a comfy place to sit for more than about ten minutes!), I'll try and put together a little interior post as I loved reading and looking at photos from Megan's Flat Tour on Pages By Megan! If I ever have enough money, my house will one day look something like hers! Also, until we get a lawnmower (seriously don't think the last tenants ever went outside, it's like a jungle out there), photos will be in this little spot at the back of the house. It may not be the prettiest back drop, but the light is just right!

So, on to THAT scarf. How perfect is it?!... I love that it's monochrome (of course), but also the mismatch of patterns combined in to one huge piece of knit. It's literally like a blanket it's so big. I can't wait to be snuggled up with the beauty and a massive coat in a few months. It's never going to leave my neck, EVER. After taking these photos I also noticed that Suzie from Hello October had her own equally beautiful version of THAT scarf, so it must be hip if she has one similar, right? If you click through to the link on her blog you will also discover thee best eyebrows ever. I have kept the rest of the outfit minimal because nothing else is really needed when you have such a perfect accessory. I do have to point out my (relatively) new brogues though. Yes, very similar to my old patent ones, which I wore so much that the sole literally fell off one day, but these have chunky cleated soles so obviously I just had to buy them.

Let me know what you think of THAT scarf! Do you love it as much as me?

Outfit: T-shirt: Monki, Scarf: Accessorize, Trousers: New Look, Brogues: Schuh

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  1. Hope your move down to London went well! That scarf is lovely, and I LOVE your hair!


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    1. yes it went reallllly well thank you :) and thank you about the hair too, I'm actually thinking about going a little shorter...? x

  2. love that scarf!! what a babe xx

    1. thanks! love that drunk pom girl purchase you made on your blog! x

  3. Hope the move went smoothly, you'll be settled in no time. That scarf is awesome!