Thursday, 28 August 2014


Firstly, I just want to say sorry for the colour / brightness in these photos. Having not the best blogging camera in the world combined with taking the photos when they sun was at it's brightest has resulted in... well, these photos! I'm sure my photos have been getting worse quality since my first ever post...! Secondly, sorry about the lack of posting recently. I finally got my house and job sorted, so am officially off to London! YIPEEEE! So have had and will have lots to sort out. But hopefully back to normal posting once I move in next week!
Anyway, doing a Monki wishlist a few weeks back I came across this shirt online. I made a seventy pound order (obv cos I wanted free postage as I'm a cheapskate) and out of all the pieces only ended up keeping two pieces. This being one of them. It's really quite a simple shirt, but loved how the circles were made up of teeny little dashes, such a cute pattern. Also, it's just the right length for me too, so long that I'm in no fear of showing my midriff, but short enough to tuck it in with out all the shirt bulges showing through my trousers. And lastly, it's just a really lovely soft, comfy fabric, perfect for now or layering under jumpers in a month or two. Oh and plus black buttons. I love black buttons on white shirts. So basically, not a bad word to say about this shirt. I've been wearing it with everything to the extent that I don't take it off for bed, and then continue to wear it the next day on my day off and then again to sleep in that night too (yes, slob here). Popped on with my classic Nike SB's and a blogger favourite, the fedora, and this has become my go to outfit combination.

Do you have an outfit you've been wearing all the time lately?

Outfit: Fedora: Topshop, Shirt: Monki, Trousers: New Look, Watch: Marc By Marc Jacobs, Trainers: Nike

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