Thursday, 28 August 2014


Firstly, I just want to say sorry for the colour / brightness in these photos. Having not the best blogging camera in the world combined with taking the photos when they sun was at it's brightest has resulted in... well, these photos! I'm sure my photos have been getting worse quality since my first ever post...! Secondly, sorry about the lack of posting recently. I finally got my house and job sorted, so am officially off to London! YIPEEEE! So have had and will have lots to sort out. But hopefully back to normal posting once I move in next week!
Anyway, doing a Monki wishlist a few weeks back I came across this shirt online. I made a seventy pound order (obv cos I wanted free postage as I'm a cheapskate) and out of all the pieces only ended up keeping two pieces. This being one of them. It's really quite a simple shirt, but loved how the circles were made up of teeny little dashes, such a cute pattern. Also, it's just the right length for me too, so long that I'm in no fear of showing my midriff, but short enough to tuck it in with out all the shirt bulges showing through my trousers. And lastly, it's just a really lovely soft, comfy fabric, perfect for now or layering under jumpers in a month or two. Oh and plus black buttons. I love black buttons on white shirts. So basically, not a bad word to say about this shirt. I've been wearing it with everything to the extent that I don't take it off for bed, and then continue to wear it the next day on my day off and then again to sleep in that night too (yes, slob here). Popped on with my classic Nike SB's and a blogger favourite, the fedora, and this has become my go to outfit combination.

Do you have an outfit you've been wearing all the time lately?

Outfit: Fedora: Topshop, Shirt: Monki, Trousers: New Look, Watch: Marc By Marc Jacobs, Trainers: Nike

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Monday, 18 August 2014


Do you find that when you go in H&M, you either find loads you like or nothing? Well, at the moment I keep finding loads. Like, so many that when I go to the fitting rooms I get them annoyed looks from the staff in there cos I have about 5 times too many items to take in! But how perfect are all the things on this wish list? I normally just have the odd thing on a wish list I want more than others but I genuinely feel like I should go in store and buy everything here. A striped shirt, a grey tee and and an over sized black cardi, they're all classic pieces that will forever be wearable, can be dressed smart or casually and easily be paired with loads of things I already have in my wardrobe... Can you tell I'm trying to convince myself that it's okay to buy the entire wish list?

Wishlist: Rings, Shirt, Culottes, Jumpsuit, Wool Fedora, Long Cardigan, Slip Ons, Marble Print Boots, T-shirt

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Friday, 15 August 2014


I seriously have a problem arising with polka dot trousers, this must be the 5th pair I've bought in a few months and have also just bought another pair! Oops...! I just love that they are fun and relaxed for everyday, can be made smart with a white shirt, and they go perfectly clashed with stripes. To me, stripes and spots are made to be together! Here I've picked out the dots with the edging of this beautiful Topshop t-shirt. I love the detailing on this, and it's just that bit different from all the crochet hems we've seen on tops this summer! One bad thing about this top - it's quite an awkward length on me. I find it sits at the widest part of my waist/hips, kinda making me look bigger than I am! I'm sure this is something not many other people would notice, but you tend see things on yourself that others don't... Nevertheless, I still love this tee!

Anyway, I'm off out with the boyfriend for lunch so I've popped on a slick of Nars lipstick and my go-to leopard print bag and I'm good to go! What's your go to print? Do you love polka dots as much as me?

Outfit: T-shirt: Topshop, Necklace (one of set of three): Topshop, Trousers: Forever 21, Bag: Primark, Sandals: ASOS

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Monday, 11 August 2014


Monki is by far my current favourite brand right now and I could easily make a new order each and every week, but as usual my pennies will only stretch so far! Saying that, they have some AMAZING pieces at AMAZING prices - especially the lines that go in to sale. T-shirts for as little as £3! Now that's my kind of prices! Here are just some of the pieces I've found on their website that I am yet to buy, but almost certainly will! They also have the most beautiful black belted duster coat online at the moment that I NEED for A/W, but look out for that on my Monochrome Monday coats edition coming up in a few weeks. If you can't wait, go have a good search on their website. It's a beaut, just like all there pieces!

So, what do you think of the pieces I've picked out? I have to say the Jacket and Short co-ord looks much nicer on the photo with the model rather than laid flat. The slightly tweed like material would be perfect as the days get colder and I like that it's a smarter piece even with the short shorts, so that I could perhaps wear in an office environment when I finalllllyy get out of retail. On the other end of the spectrum are these graphic sweats. On the days where I just want to eat my body weight in chinese food, the junk food print top would be the perfect slouchy piece. It's like it was just made to make comical those fat, slob days that I like to call days off!

Wishlist: Grey Jacket, Grey Shorts, Print Bag, Black Dress, Junk Food Sweat, Sunglasses, Purse, Slogan Sweat

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Friday, 8 August 2014


I thought I better get this post up before the sun disappears for another 10 months and bare legs won't be acceptable! Well, not for me anyway! I literally never have my legs out, so these photos are definitely a one off. A mix of probably being to lazy to shave my legs every day (yes, ew!) and not wanting to tan my legs has resulted in me only wearing shorts without tights once this summer. The last shouldn't be a reason but it is; it seems lately it's basically unacceptable to expose your legs with out a generous tan! So for pale people like myself the choices seem to be to fake tan, go on copious amounts of holidays, or don't show your legs at all so to avoid the risk of being stared at. Sorry if people disagree, but I feel that people think that if your legs are out that you MUST be tanned or fake tanned, and to be honest I don't like to. No matter how good and experienced the person is at fake tanning you can still tell it's fake so what's the point? There's always the tell-tale signs around the wrists, elbows and ankles which just makes people look a bit dirty rather than tanned haha! And most of the time, the people who you want to notice you're tanned are your friends, but they're also the people who know your real skin tone and whether you've been on holiday or not, so also know whether it's fake or not! I don't know... it's just my opinion, so sorry if anyone disagrees!

Anyway on to the outfit. These little culottes and top were a purchase I made on my last trip to London. I am absolutely in love with the polka dot print! And love them even more contrasted with this stark mono-blocked top! After not shopping in River Island for well over a year, I popped in after seeing some cute sandals I'd seen on Zoella a couple of months back, and was so surprised at the transformation that River Island seems to have had. Last year when I made the venture inside I thought how cheap and "chavvy" it appeared, but this time I could have picked a whole load out if I had the money! I will definitely be checking out what's in store for A/W as soon as next pay day arrives! Speaking of A/W, I'll also be wearing these culottes in to the season, with some black tights and chunky cut out boots of course. I don't mean to wish away the sun but I really can not wait for A/W dressing - boots and wooly jumpers and duster coats... The best kind of dressing! I really hope trainers transition in to A/W as well as I literally wear these Nike SB's at every opportunity!

Does anyone else prefer non-fake tanned skin? Are you looking forward to A/W dressing as much as me?

Outfit: Top: River Island, Necklace: Topshop, Culottes: River Island, Bag: Primark, Socks: Topshop, Trainers: Nike

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Tuesday, 5 August 2014


So, it may not be Monday but nevertheless here's this weeks wishlist featuring just a few of the beautiful pieces from the Whistles website. Searching through all the junk in my wardrobe the other week I found an old Whistles bag with it's bright pink colour and swirly writing and it made me remember how dull and mumsy the brand used to be. How times have changed! There's now so many things on their website and in store that are just so effortlessly cool, I just wish I had the pennies to stretch to their prices...!

Wishlist: Leather Rucksack, Silver Brogues, Jersey T-shirt, Stacked Rings, White Tie Skirt

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