Sunday, 20 July 2014


I have a thing about trousers recently, and would definitely pick wearing them over jeans at the moment. Better at keeping cool in this heat, and I love that they can be worn as easily in the day time casually or formally as they can be dressed up for a meal or night out. So, I've made a two part blog post about this beautiful pair of white trousers I found in the Mango sale; part one as the day time dressed down look and part two as the smart, dressed up look. And don't these trousers just deserve two posts? Well, as a trouser fan I certainly think they do! Mango is my go to place for smart, casual pieces like shirts and trousers, so as soon as I realised their up to 50% off EVERYTHING sale had started I took a little break from working (shhh!) and made my way across to pick up a few pieces, including the white trousers in this post! The slim leg, turn up bottoms and just high enough waistline make these the perfect pair for me. The quality of them is very high for the price, but the usual nude coloured underwear is still a must I'm afraid! But the money you've saved with the sale price means you can take a trip over to M&S!

I paired the minimal bottoms with a monochrome (of course!) printed t-shirt from Monki for my casual look. The baggy fit of the t-shirt contrasts well with the slim tailored finish of the trousers. I continued the monochrome look with my pointed New Look slip ons and well-loved Primark satchel, both of which I have been wearing every day lately. How would you dress white trousers casually? Would you wear them day to day, or just for occasions? If you're thinking of wearing to a BBQ this summer as I am tomorrow, be wary of grubby outdoor seating and of course the spillage of delicious food! Have a tub of Vanish at the ready!

Outfit: T-shirt: Monki via ASOS, Bag: Primark, Trousers: Mango (now on sale!), Shoes: New Look

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