Friday, 27 June 2014


I hadn't post this outfit before because it didn't seem quite summery enough for the lovely weather we've been having. But to no surprise, the rain is back today! So with an added rain mac and perhaps some closed toe shoes, this outfit is perfect for this overcast day we're having.

I think this was actually the first ever floral shirt I had owned. I have a thousand and one checked shirts and spotted shirts and every other patterned shirts, but a floral shirt hadn't managed to grab my love and attention enough for me to buy (I have, however, since bought about five more floral shirts!). I just absolutely loved the print, how it is sheer but not too see through, and it's muted colour, which I felt suited my skin tone just perfectly. AND CAN YOU BELIEVE IT... another non monochrome piece. Seriously don't know whats happened on my blog so far, I really do not usually wear colour. Except for these photos, I can not remember the last time I put anything that wasn't black or white. Anyway, I wore this shirt to a family meal but swapped up the leggings for some tapered trousers so I had more space for the food baby to be. I do looove these leggings, they have a texture which gives an expensive sport luxe look and feel to them, but oh boy are they super constricting. I feel like I have spanx on when I wear them, which is great most days but not when I plan to eat my body weight in tapas!

What do you think of this outfit? Have you recently found the perfect floral shirt? Let me know!

Outfit: Hat: Topshop, Shirt: Miss Selfridge (now on sale!), Leggings: Miss Selfridge, Sandals: Office

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Friday, 20 June 2014


We actually went out to location and took new outfit posts the other day and for once the boyfriend managed not to blur them, yay! But when we got back and uploaded them to edit, all the photos were just too bright to really see the details of the clothing properly, I was so sad! So for now I will continue to use the photos from my last trip home...

I was surprised I liked this top. A bit too much colour for my usual liking, but paired back with simple black trousers I feel it's not too much. Seriously seem to be a bit scared of colour! What's wrong with me? I see the likes of In The Frow and Melon Lady wear all the colours of the pastel rainbow and think how beautifully summery they look but when I come to shop myself I just can't do it. Monochrome wins every time. But with this top, I just liked the print so much (with tropical being hip and all) that I went for it! I'm saying this like it's some big achievement...! I also have the matching shorts for this top but unlike the rest of the blogger world, I'm not quite ready to get my glowing white legs out just yet and the look didn't work with tights! So there we go, my one bit of colour for the summer. Do any of you find wearing colour difficult?

Outfit: Top: Topshop, Trousers: New Look, Sandals: Office

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Sunday, 8 June 2014


For any of you that follow my instagram, you'll see I took a trip down to London the other day. Oh how perfect London is. I'm currently on the job and flat search for the move down there in September/ October time (hopefully!), and so my little trip gave me even more drive to make this happen! It's got such a vibe like no where else and fills me with such excitement. Some people seem to be so pessimistic about the place - "it's too busy" or "it's too expensive to live" or "you'll hate getting the tube every day"... bore off! It's the best city in the world (joint with New York, anyway) to me!

On to the outfit; how beautiful is this kimono? Answer: VERY! I've got a thing about kimonos recently. They are the perfect through over for now and in to the summer! I don't know what it is but I find any cardigan recently just has the complete wrong/ ugly buttons, so the button-free kimono and me are meant to be! Here I have dressed mine for day, but you could just as easily whip off the leggings and put on some heels and make it perfect for nights out. What is your go to piece of clothing at the moment?

Outfit: Kimono: Topshop, Necklace (one of set of three): Topshop, Dress: Topshop, Leggings: Miss Selfridge, Sandals: Office, Bag: Primark

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Sunday, 1 June 2014


I'd wanted a simple quilted tee for a while now but always found either the neck was too high, it was too cropped or too thick to be able to wear in summer - not that there's going to be a heatwave all summer! So when I was last home, I was super happy and surprised to find my mum had found the perfect one for me! Aren't mums the best! Although I wouldn't always necessarily pair this tee with these leggings (which my mum also bought me!), I do like that the gridding of the quilt is picked up in the print of the leggings.

I also need to mention these shoes! My favourite pair of the moment. I had originally gone in the the Nike outlet shop for some Roshe Run trainers but my thirteen year old skateboard loving tomboy self was drawn to the Nike SBs. And would you believe they were only £17!! Seeing as I was willing to pay the £70 for the Roshe pair, I think I got myself quite the bargain!
Right, I'm off to make myself a healthy (read: not so healthy) lunch... Have a great Sunday everyone!

Outfit: T-shirt: Topshop, Necklace (one of set of three): Topshop, Leggings: Topshop, Trainers: Nike

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