Thursday, 14 September 2017


Comme des Garçons Play Grey T-Shirt, Monki Semi Circle Bag (similar here and here), Monki Straight Leg Trouser, Daniel Wellington Watch, Adidas Gazelle Trainers

I had a whole post written up on my emotions and shit but after putting off publishing it for a week now I decided I must not be ready to share it all quite yet. It was basically around the point that this is the perfect t-shirt for my mind, or more fittingly, my heart of late. That I tried to share it just a little bit for the first time again recently, but it turns out that since my break up last year my heart isn't quite so big as it used to be. That it's just that little bit harder to let people in. Can someone tell me when this feeling will end? Because it turns out having a little black heart may be nice embroidered on an overpriced t-shirt, but in RL, not so much.

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