Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Flying Tiger Canvas Tote Bag, Zara Sheepskin Jacket (sold out, similar here), Topshop Nibbled Tee, Topshop Leigh Jeans, New Balance Trainers

Has anyone ever gone in to Tiger with nothing to buy in mind and leaving with EVERYTHING you didn't know you needed? That's basically what happened to me the day I bought this bag. But you know what, I totally don't regret it - especially the bag, as I have worn it LOADS. I wasn't sure if I could work a comical canvas tote in to my wardrobe, but it's become something of a conversation piece every time it's donned my shoulder and I like that about it. Plus I totally do love junk food, so it's a perfect fit.
As Tiger (Flying Tiger to all those outside the UK) don't sell online I've put together a little wish list of all the other Canvas Tote bags I've been loving - but on the off chance you do pass a Tiger, make sure you pop in to have a look!

Left to Right: John Lewis, ASOS, Nor-Folk

Left to Right: Forever 21, ASOS, Urban Outfitters

Left to Right: Madewell, Monki (at ASOS), TruffleShuffle

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  1. I love a good tote bag and I totally get what you are saying about tiger. I always come out with the most random of things. I love the Urban Outfitters, so cute!

    The Beauty Load

    1. Haha! I almost try and avoid tiger sometimes as I know I'll end up buying loads! x

  2. I love tote bags that have puns or food on it! Hahaha these are so cute.


    1. me too! I feel like they're kind of an alternative to slogan tee's too x