Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Okay, so how is Christmas over? And how has it been three weeks since my last post? Crazy! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I'm not one for making proper resolutions, but (as I always say) I really want to get in to this blog, and be a bit more consistent with it this year... and as with most bloggers nowadays - maybe even branch in to Youtube!? Did you make any kind of resolutions for the year ahead?
Anyway, on to the outfit! I only got these jeans right at the end of last summer and didn't get the chance to wear them while the sun was still shining. I've been itching to wear these but wasn't sure if I could pull them off during winter... So I was totally inspired to whip out the white after seeing both Kat and Georgia styling up their own pairs quite recently.
Once I'd paired the denim with ALL the black, it did help to make the jeans much more winter appropriate... well, apart from the sting of the cold wind blowing at my ankles! Eep! They were freezing! Thankfully my top half was nice and snug, with the PVC panels basically acting as a blocker to all the elements. I'd forgotten I even had this coat, but after Alexa released her latest M&S Archive collection and debuted her PVC Briggate Trench - that just about every other blogger bought! - my mind was given a little nudge and I found it in the mess that is my coat wardrobe. Though not quite as cool as Alexa's trench, I like that this is a slightly more subtle nod to the high shine trend.

Topshop PVC Panel Coat (I could only find the coat on eBay, but slightly similar here), Whistles Logo Sweatshirt, Monki Semi Circle Bag (similar here and here), Topshop White Mom Jeans, Nike SB Trainers

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  1. Love this outfit, I also really love the bridge your on too! Gives me a proper apocalyptic feel hahaha
    Mandeville Sisters

    1. Wasn't what I was going for but get what you mean haha! x

  2. That topshop coat is so cool !



    1. thanks! so glad I found it again in my wardrobe! x

  3. I really like your outfit!