Monday, 21 November 2016


Baking our Christmas cake yesterday and putting up Christmas decorations today officially means one thing... I'm in Christmas mode. I normally wouldn't even touch the boxes of baubles until at least the 1st weekend of December, but needing a little pick me up, I put on Buble's Christmas album and whipped out all things red, green and sparkly! Along with my love of decorating, Christmas food is up there with one of the reasons I love this time of year. Quite possibly the first thing to hit supermarket shelves - and consequently my basket - are Mince Pies! This year I decided to do my own little test after reading Good Housekeeping's article and wondering whether I would agree with their number one decision! Having tried A LOT of mince pies over the years, I decided I wouldn't need to try them all again, but just test my favourite against theirs. So, here's my little taste test of mince pies...

Good Housekeeping's Award Winner: Iceland Luxury Mince Pies, £1.50 (Star Topped Mince Pie)
With such a build up, having won the award this year and last, I was excited to finally try this mince pie. I really liked the home made look of them, with a little bit of the filling bursting out, however the pastry did look slightly over cooked around the edges. This affected the pastry texture too, and it was very crumbly and a little dry. Not a good start, but the filling definitely made up for it! The mincemeat packed out the pastry well and had a great Christmassy kick of what I can only assume was brandy, mixed with whole pieces of fruit in the juicy mixture - the best mince pie filling I've had!
Maybe the pastry was a bad batch, as I've read other reviews of it being buttery and smooth. But until I buy another box my verdict is: 8/10

Discount Supermarket: Aldi's Specially Selected Mince Pies, £1.29 (Snowflake Topped Mince Pie)
I'd tasted Aldi's mince pies last year, and they soon became a favourite - not only from the taste but that they were just that little bit cheaper. However, they certainly didn't look cheap and are neatly finished with a light pastry with a festive snowflake. The pastry was smooth with light buttery taste, just how I like it. I did notice that the pie base was quite uneven, meaning if you're looking for perfect pastry the search continues! The mincemeat had a good sweet spiced flavour and a more delicate splash of brandy, not quite as full of fruit, but just as juicy.
Iceland did win the filling contest, but Aldi's still hit the spot! And beating Iceland hands down on pastry in taste and texture means my verdict is: 9/10

What's your favourite mince pie? I'd love to know, so I can test it myself!

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  1. I love Aldi's festive foods! Their Christmas puddings are my favourite. I haven't tried their mince pies though so i'll definitely be giving that one a go! x


    1. Oooo! I'll definitely have the try their Christmas puddings too! x