Friday, 22 May 2015


Oh gaaahd I love pizza. Good pizza! Since my first visit to Franco Manca and then Homeslice, my pizza standards have definitely risen. Ain't got no time for 89p frozen Iceland pizza after testing what a real, fresh version tastes like! I asked around for more recommendations around central and one of the places that kept popping up was Pizza Pilgrims, so off we went!
The outside was almost what you imagine an Italian pizzeria to look like, with its classic green and white stripes, and made us excited to go in! It smelled just wonderful, and we were excited to make those passing by the window as we ate jealous of our pizza. However, we got told there was only seating available downstairs, which on a lovely sunny day (although not sunny enough to eat outside!) was quite disappointing, but nonetheless we made our way down in to the dark basement! Once downstairs, I was hoping for a rustic chic look and feel, but again was left a little disappointed as it just felt a little old and dated. So I was really hoping the food would make up for our initial experience...

...And boy, it did! I mean, look at that pizza above! I loved the imperfect shape of the well risen crust and always prefer a super thin base, although this was perhaps a teeny bit too thin as it went a bit soggy from the tomato, making it near impossible to eat at all gracefully. I suppose you don't go to eat pizza to look graceful though, do you! So I'll let that one pass.
The toppings were a tad sparse compared to Homeslice, but nice all the same. I am a big fan of a Neapolitan pizza (olives, anchovies and capers), so this was a super obvious choice for me. And I OBVS added chilli, cos why wouldn't I?! Daley opted for the Salami pizza with added Nduja (spiced sausage), but to be honest, we weren't really sure what he got as a topping. If you look at the image below there are just red dollops of... something! They tasted meaty but we couldn't work out whether it was the salami or sausage topping? I'm not saying it wasn't nice - it tasted amazing - but knowing what it was would have just made it all the better.

Overall, a really delicious pizza, not quite to Homeslice standards, but would still recommend a visit! If you're not in to the basement seating at the Dean Street pizzeria, there are also two further locations to try! And if any of you have any pizzeria recommendations around London or have an idea what of Daley's pizza topping was, let me know in the comments below!

To check out Pizza Pilgrims website for further information including the locations and menu, click here.

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  1. Have passed this restaurant many times before and it always looks amazing! So jealous :p

    1. definitely take a trip in! (although, still would recommend Homeslice more which is quite nearby too!)

      Rose and Weston x