Saturday, 17 January 2015


Yes, another Ramen I'm blogging about (see the last post here)! But I see Ramen on a menu, and I just can't help it! We were on a mission for sushi, but finding the place we were planning on going to was closed and our belly's hungry for some sort of Asian cuisine we headed towards Banana Tree. Compared to it's neighbour, Wagamama, it always looks quite empty but the menu near the door tempted us in! The place is quite similar to Wagamama with it's long sharing tables, but there was the option of single tables too which we liked and decided to sit on. However, we quickly moved after being sat next to an unfortunately very smelly man!

With a fresh space (get it? get it?! poor pun use, Laura) we looked through the menu. It was filled with a whole load of delicious sounding plates but on discovering a whole section dedicated to noodles it was then easy choice, The Banana Tree Laksa. As you can see from the photos, it looked a lot like one of the Wagamama noodle bowl dishes, but what I really enjoyed about Banana Tree's version was the added ingredients of tofu and aubergine rather than the usual lone beansprout mound! The tofu was especially the surprise of the dish, as I usually find it super bland, but it just soaked up all the flavours so well. The soup base was a lovely smooth coconut livened up with a good spicy tang, with the flavour even through out the bowl - I quite often find noodle soups tasteless at the top and too strong at the bottom. My friend's choice of Banana Tree Spiced Noodles looked equally delicious and made me rather jealous with all her "mmmmmm" noises! If my noodles aren't submerged in soup, a thick coating of sauce like with this dish is the next best thing.

Anyone preferring to stick to a chain Thai restaurant but wanting to go for a lesser known but tastier version of one, this is the place for you! Have you visited Banana Tree before? What's your favourite dish if you have?

We visited the Watford Restaurant, but to find other locations or view the menu, click here.

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  1. I have just come across your blog and love it! I am off to London in March and this post has made me want to go here! I have just followed you on bloglovin :)


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    1. it was sooo good! there are so many to try in London it's hard to narrow it down x