Thursday, 14 December 2017


So, a while back now I took a trip to the Netherlands to visit my sister, and as well as doing the usual visit to Amsterdam I went to see her new business in Veghel. I'd never heard of the place, but I'd been told of a cool industrial style building called Proeffabriek housing shops, cafes and workshops nearby that I just had to visit. I was sure it was being over hyped a little, but I'm now the first to admit how wrong I was. Hands down the best "shopping centre" I've ever been in!

Although the building is still being refurbished and spaces are yet to be filled, what's already there definitely needs to be used as influence on future centres and refurbishments of industrial buildings. In terms of shops, there's not a huge amount to see, but The Netherlands know how to do food shops and even their Jumbo supermarket in the centre has a Sushi bar. The cafe spaces are also worth a visit, serving a LOT of food that caught my eye, and most importantly to me - an excellent iced coffee! And of course, the restored industrial elements around the building were the perfect back drop to some sneaky outfit shots...

Zara Aviator Jacket, Topshop Denim Pinafore Dress (similar here), Primark Long Sleeve Tee (similar here), Norfolk Tote Bag, Adidas Gazelle Trainers

Address: Proeffabriek, Verlengde Noordkade 14, 5462 EH Veghel, Netherlands

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Sunday, 3 December 2017


Oh look, it's that coat again. I told you you'd be seeing a lot more of this! While it's not exactly thick enough for these frosty mornings we've been having, by adding just a few winter accessories means I can still hold on to wearing it while the temperature drops just a few more degrees. Firstly this red bag, which I've had since summer but only just got in to wearing as a pop of *festive* colour! I love how it looks against the check and alongside the pale denim, but most importantly how it perfectly pairs with a red lip!

Next, I've added the mother of all bobble hats! It is seriously the thickest, warmest hat I've ever ever owned. Like, probably warm enough for arctic conditions. And that bobble, quite possibly the fluffiest most ridiculously sized bobble ever but you know what, still think I'm a little bit in love... So, it's totally worth the major hat hair it gives you.
*ALSO just gotta add this in here... BECCY, I'm never gonna forgive you for the comment you made on the above photo! ;)

Last but by no means least, these boots - my first ever pair of Docs! I was after a pair that were slightly less chunky than the original ones and I'm not in to the usual yellow stitching, so when I came across these I just knew they were the ones. I was full on expecting them to rip my feet to shreds while the leather softened but I've not had a single blister with these. Also, I don't think I've ever had a pair of shoes that have had so many compliments, and they just seem to go with anything - from distressed denim, to a rolled up pair of trousers and even a LBD! The absolute perfect winter shoe!

Topshop Bobble Hat, Monki Duster Jacket (similar here), Topshop Basic Sweatshirt, Accessorize Red Cross Body Bag (similar here), Topshop Mom Jeans, Dr. Martens Emmeline Boots
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Saturday, 4 November 2017


Whilst I don't necessarily like keeping up with the latest trends, I do like making sure that I regularly update my every day classic items - in this case, the crossbody bag and trench. The bag is one of Marks and Spencer's cult classics that they rework every season in different fabrics and colours. I don't tend to wear allll that many patterns, (*looks back at recent blog posts to see me wearing dots and checks* ahem) so I thought it could be nice to have a more statement bag for the days I wear all plain outfits. Being such a timeless shape with the twist lock fastening and chain handle meant that even with the striped finish, I knew it wouldn't be something I would get bored of quickly and will sit happily in my wardrobe for years to come.

This one isn't really an update, but more of a rediscovery. I found this trench again whilst clearing out my wardrobe (for like the 10th time in as many months!) and I very nearly put it to get chucked out as I hadn't worn it for probably over a year. A little look through Insta and Pinterest later and I remembered why I loved wearing and bought the trench in the first place. Something I forget is that being such a classic, versatile neutral, it can be worn with as many things as a black or grey jacket - and it's nice that for a change the black is just an accent colour to an outfit rather than the main one.

ASOS Soft Trench Coat (similar here, here and here), H&M Basic Sweatshirt, M&S Crossbody Bag, Topshop White Mom Jeans, Adidas Gazelle Trainers

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Thursday, 26 October 2017


Zara Shearling Biker Jacket, H&M Basic Sweatshirt, Motel Star and Moon Print Dress (old, similar here), Monki Semi Circle Bag (old, similar here and here), Daniel Wellington Watch, Converse Black Hi Tops

Remember that Realisation Par dress you fell in love with during the summer but have reluctantly put to the back of the wardrobe and replaced with allllll the chunky knits? Well, it's time to get it back out again... Layer under a baggy jumper, put on a pair of tights and add some sock boots or Hi Tops and you're good to go again.
P.S. I work PT so no way I was spending all that money on a RP dress. This Motel dress was juuuust as good though, obvs.