Wednesday, 22 February 2017


This is an example of when you put together an outfit and don't realise how matchy-matchy it is until you see the photos afterwards... haha! I don't care though as I have been loving these shoes and this knit and this bag so much I just decided I needed to wear them all at once! Navy is definitely my favourite colour of the moment - especially in the form of striped tops - so these shoes are getting a lot of wear, as they pair just perfectly! I like that the flatform gives a *slightly* more fashuurn edge without looking too try hard, and they are just the right height and shape to be able to walk about in without twisting my ankle over every uneven surface (unlike my Superga ones in this blog post)!

Pairing perfectly with flatforms, and a look I have been loving for months is wearing dresses and long line shirts over trousers - and with Lizzy and Brittany, and a whole host of Scandi bloggers rocking this, it must be a trend to watch! The much cooler cousin of the trusty black tights, this is the only way to keep legs warm when wearing dresses in these colder months... And a style I'll be adapting to wear right in to summer! *if I close my eyes and wish hard enough will the sun come any quicker?*

Warehouse Knit Dress (similar here), Primark Leopard Celine Dupe Bag (similar here and here), New Look High Waist Trousers (similar here), Carvela Navy Flatform Brogues

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Remember when everybody and their mum decided they just had to buy a camel coat? Well, it's time to put them back on the hanger and invest in a rust coloured one instead. The bolder, more universally flattering colour than camel, rust is the new neutral for the remainder of the cold weather and right in to summer! And with copper being such a hit for homeware, jewellery and beauty (in the form of copper eye shadows), rust is the clothing colour adaptation!... Because let's be honest, metallic copper clothing would only look flattering on someone who hasn't discovered cheese or mini eggs!
While I've been loving pairing it with all black outfits (no change there!), as a neutral tone it can be paired with a range of colours - with my top picks being white, navy and khaki for the summer months. For now though, a striped roll neck and my biggest shopper bag makes this my every day go to outfit for these colder spells!

Topshop Rust Wool Jacket (similar here and here), Zara Striped Jersey Roll Neck (similar here), Topshop Black Leigh Jeans, Warehouse Shopper Bag (similar here), Black Low Converse

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017


The inspiration for writing this post came after watching a Zoella vlog and seeing a little framed quote saying "Always try to be a little kinder than necessary". The words rang true with a lot of things I've been hearing recently. I know I shouldn't listen to and take on board everyone's opinions - but I do, and I can't help but let them effect me and my choices. I think a lot of this comes back to my lack of confidence, which got a massive blow about 6 months ago when me and my boyfriend of 9 years went separate ways. I went from being with someone I thought I'd spend my life with, living in a nice (albeit rented) house, with a job I was pretty good at... To suddenly moving back in with the parents 200 miles away, and being well and truly jobless.
After the initial heart ache and a little time away, I started looking for a job just to get me out of the house... but I soon realised I wouldn't be able to answer questions about why I'd moved back home, or had a little gap in employment without having to relive the break up all over again. This is also around the time when a few people started to make little remarks about why I hadn't got a job, and gotten on with my life a little. I tried to take it on the chin as a little joke, no harm intended, right?

Not too long after, I started a Christmas temp job, which I really did not enjoy in the slightest. I got pretty miserable again, and it made me realise I needed to be doing something in a happy, friendly environment with people to match. I don't necessarily NEED a job... I have the most supportive parents who have kindly let me live rent and bill free since moving home - for which I am forever grateful! So, I decided that part time was for me, it would bring in some income and get me out of the house whilst also giving me time to work on this blog, do a few little freelance bits on the side, and allowing me to watch my beloved Homes Under The Hammer and This Morning (yes, I do like to mention this in every blog post!).
You must be thinking where's this all going? Get to the point! Well, I just wanted to explain how I got to writing this post and that it wasn't just a random thought... My own little story and reason behind why we all need to be kinder to each other... So, carrying on a month or so later in comes my new employer! Although I've only been in a couple of times, so far it just feels right (and I hope they end up liking me enough to keep me on!). I was really so pleased I'd got the job, as with my lack of confidence over the past few months I genuinely thought I'd messed up the interview! I finally felt something was going right for me, and to add to this I'd just started getting a few people contact me about blog work, as well as helping out the lovely Penny from The Little Lending Co with some bits for an upcoming event.
Yet here I am, with it all starting to work out and finally feeling a little bit happier again, and I'm still getting these little comments about what I'm doing with my life. "Do you really want to be working there?" "You need a proper full time job!" "You went to University to get that job?" "You're not even getting paid to help her out?!" "Why are you helping with a wedding event after your break up?" and a whole lot more taking the piss out of my blog.
Yes these are comments from people I know. "But I was only joking" they'll say. Okay, but am I laughing? Do you find my life a joke? Is your comment kind? Is your comment necessary? NO. And so here I am, left doubting everything all over again. A lot of people would be able to take the comments and brush them off. But then a lot of them people have more confidence, a lot of them people haven't gone through a break up and feels like they have to start their life again, a lot of them people aren't me. Everyone deals with things differently, takes comments differently, are going through different things to you, which is why I come to the point that you should always be kinder than necessary! Or plain and simple - just don't be a dick.

Let me know if you've ever been on the receiving end of unnecessarily unkind comments! And if you have, any way of dealing with them too! To finish this off I'm going to leave you with a few quotes (found via Pinterest) for you to think of the next time you may think of being unkind to anyone or making that *jokey* comment!...
"Always show more kindness than seems necessary, because the person receiving it needs it more than you will ever know"
"Before you speak, ask yourself: is it kind, is it true, is it necessary, does it improve upon the silence?"
"Choose being kind over being right and you'll be right every time"
"If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until you can hardly bear to look at it. A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely"
"You will never regret being kind"

Topshop Stripe Tee (similar here), Topshop Denim Pinafore Dress, Monki Semi Circle Bag (similar here and here), Superga Polka Dot Platform Trainers

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Since moving back to Norwich at the end of last Summer, I've been very... let's say "relaxed" at finding a new job. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do, what direction to work towards, but with this being the first time in over 5 years I hadn't had to pay rent I finally had the time to think. Two holidays, a Temp Job, Christmas and lots of Day Time TV later and I'm still not much closer to working it out. I know things I'd like to have a go at, but it's so hard with no experience in that certain area to even get your foot in the door.
So here I am, with the only "real experience" on my CV as working in retail. I see disappointment or pity on certain people's faces when I tell them what I do. And sometimes, I get it... Yes, my pay barely scrapes above minimum wage. Yes, I sometimes work on weekends. Yes, I'm not using my degree to it's full potential. But you know what, I'd pick a retail job any day over half the jobs people who look down their noses at retail workers have! And here's a few reasons why...

You don't need to pay for the gym! In retail you are on your feet all day, running up and downstairs to stockrooms, and if you work in the visual teams there's SO much lifting to do!... When I worked for John Lewis, I literally would get home from work exhausted... 9 hours of physical work means no need for expensive gym memberships! If I sat on my arse all day at a desk staring at a screen, it may be nice for about a week but I would definitely soon be bored and itching to get up and be more active!

Staff discount! I've worked in places with staff discount on clothes up to 50% off, and beauty and home products with 25% off... combine that with brand discount days, and you could be getting the likes of Whistles, Jigsaw, Miss Selfridge and Levis (just to name a few!) at up to 75% off on brand new lines! Also, lots of larger stores partner up with other companies meaning discounts at Restaurants, Hotels, on Insurance, and more!

First pick on sale items! Ever wondered why you can't find your size even on the first day of sale? More often than not it's because staff have got there first! This was especially the case in my last retail job where we could scan and check the products up to two weeks before sale and then check again for further reductions too... I got many a Warehouse or Whistles item down from £50 to less than £10 after storing them in the stockroom!

Days off during the week are better than you think! While I would still like to sometimes have two days off in a row, it's sometimes nice to break up the days off. Not having to work five days in a row definitely works for me - for one it means no Monday morning dread! And it also means I get at least one morning a week with Phil and Holly... Seriously, I love them guys...! Hours are generally pretty flexible too, so if you have other commitments such as I do, swapping your day off to fit around this is pretty easy. And having days off mid week also means that if you decide you want to do anything like shopping, going for brunch, trips to the seaside, theme parks, London etc. it's going to be much less busy and sometimes a little cheaper than at the weekend too!

You learn and put in to practice your manners! While working in retail doesn't generally require too many skills, it does teach you one thing a lot of people don't acquire - how to be polite! I consider myself as a friendly and patient person, and find it so easy to talk to and help customers... no matter how rude they are! A lot of customers seem to be under the impression that a retail worker knows every single thing about every last item the shop sells, and that if you don't you must be stupid and so can treat you as though you are. There may be times that you just want to cry a little bit - I've had items thrown at me, customers shouting in my face, eyes rolled at me - but by continuing to be kind and helpful, you end being the better person! And being a good person definitely outweighs being a high paid snob to me!

Topshop Patchwork Faux Shearling Coat (similar here and here), River Island Roll Neck (similar here), Topshop Leigh Jeans, Topshop Tan Satchel (similar here), Zara Contrast Ankle Boots

Let me know if you've had any experiences - good or bad! - of working in retail! Can you add anything to my list? Let me know in the comments!

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017


I bought this mustard top back in Autumn, but it didn't feel right to be wearing florals or any colour other than festive red past November, so I flung it straight in to the depths of my wardrobe. Fast forward two months and although it only snowed just a few days ago, with the first of the snowdrops peeping up from the ground and the mornings already getting lighter, it felt a little bit like Spring - and so I finally had my first chance to wear this number! It turns out, sunshine and snowdrops can be deceiving... it was so windy and cold, that even with a mac for protection, it definitely wasn't the weather to be wearing a floaty top without some kind of knitwear layer in between! I don't seem to be the most practical dresser, whether that be wearing too few layers like with this outfit or deciding that my thickest denim is ideal for the height of summer - if I think it looks good, I'm just gonna wear it! But hey, I'm never gonna learn... as soon as we finished shooting this look and headed inside to warm up my near-blue fingers, I'd forgotten what the cold felt like and was busy planning my next weather-inappropriate outfit to shoot!

Topshop Navy Rain Mac (similar here), Primark Mustard Floral Top (similar here), Kate Spade Bag (similar here), ASOS Khaki Trousers, Carvella Flatform Suede Brogues

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