Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Wishhlist: Slouchy Jersey, Fitted Denim Dungaree, Block Stripe Jersey, Striped Midi Skirt, Tie Waist Dress, Grey Mom Jeans, Glove Shoes

Blimey. It's March already! How did that happen? Pretty sure it was Christmas last week?! Anyway, it's one of my favourite times of year in terms of dressing. Warm enough to take off a layer or two, but then also still having the chance to occasionally pop them back on again (hey, it snowed on Saturday)! And with the new season approaching, it's always good to see the new trends hitting the stores!
However, stripes are forever a staple and am buying them all year round, rain or shine. For the seasons to come, I am loving the striped midi skirt. While not always the most flattering shape on me, the split front and cinched in waist definitely help! I think it would look great now with the slouchy jersey, but as well in the summer with a simple cami.
These shoes are also a massive staple for the year ahead - the midi heeled glove shoes! A heel juuust high enough for a night out, but one you could wear all day too! I know they're not for everyone, but after seeing them on the likes of Brittany from Style and Wellbeing and Tilly-Jane, I know I'm gonna have to pick myself up a pair!
What will you be buying for the upcoming season? What do you think of glove shoes? Let me know in the comments!

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Saturday, 5 March 2016


I'm sorry if you've come here to see the usual rose gold accessory filled blogger bedroom with a fresh vase of flowers! Whilst I'm in to all things monochrome in my wardrobe, my house does in fact have pockets of colour to it and am quite the hoarder of blue and white china. Below, I've tried to list where I got a few of the items from, but to be honest a lot of the things were bought quite some time ago so may not be available!

Bed Sheets: IKEA, Cushions: Primark, IKEA and H&M Home, Bedside Lights: John Lewis, Blue and White China: Charity Shop and Urban Outfitters, Rail and Hangers: IKEA, Metal Signs: Sorry, I can't remember, Bed Frame: IKEA, Bed Side Table: IKEA

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Sunday, 14 February 2016


I'm not sure I've ever mentioned on this blog, but I'm actually getting married this year! After eight and a half years together and two years engaged, things have finally got moving and I'm soon to become Mrs Weston (though, I'm not actually sure I'll be changing my last name!)
Now, I'm no stress head when it comes to organising the big day - that's not to say I'm finding it all that fun either! - but one bit of stress I am having is with the cost! With the average cost of a wedding totaling over £20,000, we just didn't having the funds to consider ALOT of venues, a wedding planner or an infinite cost for all the little things like decorations! So over the last few months, I have taken to Pinterest and Etsy for DIY inspiration to create lots of beautiful pieces for more than half the cost!
For this DIY in particular, I found 12 flags priced at £4.20 + £2.50 P&P on Etsy. While I love supporting small businesses, my crafty side kicked in and I decided I could definitely make something similar but at a much cheaper price. I already had the scissors and cocktail sticks in my cupboard, so only had to purchase some glitter washi tape, which I did on eBay for only 99p plus 89p P&P, and I could probably make about 50 flags with the amount of tape on the roll - BARGAIN! So, keep reading for my first little wedding DIY - cupcake flag toppers!

You will need: scissors, cocktail sticks, glitter washi tape

1. Cut the point off one end of the cocktail stick (the pointed end will be poked in to the cupcakes)

2. Cut roughly a 5cm strip of the washi tape

3. Lay the cocktail stick in the centre of the washi tape

4. Fold the washi tape around the cocktail stick, matching up the edges as neatly as possible

5. Cut a shallow triangle from the outer corners of the flag

6. And there you have it... Just repeat as many times as needed!

What do you think of my first wedding DIY? Is this something you would try yourself? If you do, I'd love to see some pictures!

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Friday, 5 February 2016


Duster Jacket: Monki at ASOS (now in sale), Logo Tee: Whistles (now in sale), Culottes: Warehouse (similar here), Bag: Monki (similar here), Boots: Century 21

I was definitely the only person walking in this cold, muddy park with clean boots, bare ankles and a thin coat on... Always dressing appropriately for the weather, I am! I just couldn't wait any longer for some sunshine, so decided to brave it instead and take out this jacket in all its duster glory! I saw it an age ago on ASOS at full price but after seeing it go to half price and more I decided I couldn't risk waiting any longer and got it at an amazing 70% off. It won't be leaving my back all winter, spring and probably most of summer too - let's not kid ourselves, it's not gonna get over about 15 degrees, is it? - so get used to it being a repeat offender around here!
I've actually got a few posts line up for once, so check back in a couple of days and follow me on the links below to keep updated!
PS. a haircut has been booked in so you won't have to be scared of this forehead of mine for too much longer!
PPS. yes I am a ghost, no human could be THAT pale

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Thursday, 17 December 2015


Well, this has been a long time coming hasn't it. It must've been, what, over 2 months since the last post!? TUT TUT! Naughty blogger and all that. So, let's get straight back to it with the posts that I just love doing. WISHLISTS! The best excuse of them all to online shop for "blogging purposes" *ahem*
I've been such a good saver these last couple of months, but up to Christmas I feel like a new outfit for both day and night is in order. A casual everyday one (think Christmas shopping, a night round the girls, or even just a trip to the postie to send off them Christmas cards!) and a full on party one (think your Christmas work party, NYE and everything in between!). So here I give you my picks for these winter outfits...

Party Wishlist: Faux Fur Clutches, Necklace, Silver Cami (now on sale!), Coated Jeans, Silver Nail Varnish, Patent Stilettos, Glitter Smock Dress, Glitter Stilettos, Faux Fur Patchwork Jacket (now on sale!), Faux Leather Dress

First up, the party outfit wishlist. Of course, we all know this year it's all about mixing textures - leather, glitter, fur, metallics - we need to make sure we're wearing these all at once to be considered even a little bit cool! My two favourites here have got to be the Patchwork Jacket and the Glitter Smock. The mix of faux furs give a much needed update to a classic winter jacket, and after seeing it in store, think it actually looks much more expensive and glam than the original versions. Mixing in a bit of glitter in the form of the smock dress from Zara is the only way to go this NYE! It's such an easy shape to wear, and you won't get self conscious from the little Christmas food baby you've built up from the weeks before! I've finished off the looks with an absolutely amazing statement necklace from Topshop, and both a classic patent and statement ombre glitter heel from Spartoo to mix and match with all the wishlist pieces.

Everyday Wishlist: Speckle Knit Top, Velvet Jeans, Jacquard Coat, Faux Fur Trim Gloves (similar here and here), Ankle Boots, Large Check Coat, Check Knit Scarf

Again, it's about mixing the textures, but for day time we swap leather for velvet, glitter for chunky knits. And one thing we all need is a statement coat, and these two in particular I have absolutely fallen for! The Mango coat is just the dream shape and length with the luxurious herringbone fabric tied at the waist, and I just love the frayed trim to the collar and cuffs too. The Marks and Spencer beauty on the other hand is a very current, oversized fit and I'm all about the checks around this time of year! And finally, we all know from the blogger boot queen, In The Frow, that ankle boots are always the staple of the season so a classic leather pair like these is top of my wishlist!

Is there anything you've seen here you want to pick up before Christmas? I know as soon as my pre Christmas payday hits I'm gonna have to pick up a couple of things myself!

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Restaurant and Brasserie De Rechtbank: After reading about this place in a magazine, and with it being in close proximity to the Miffy Museum, we made our way to De Rechtbank for lunch. We didn't want anything too heavy as we would be walking around a lot, so opted for the light lunches available. I went for the goats cheese and honey baguette, which let me tell you was so good! I'd never tried goats cheese with anything but chutney, but the sweetness of the honey did the same job in cutting through the tang of the cheese. The bread that it sat in was also completely delicious in its own right too - crisp and distinctly fresh. It's described by the magazine we saw it in as one of the best outdoor cafes in The Netherlands, which is hard to agree or disagree with when we only visited for a couple of days. However, I have to say that although the food was great, the service was pretty slow and not overly friendly, and so the cafe up next (after photos of De Rechtbank) I definitely preferred!...

Bagels and Beans: This place was pretty darn great if you ask me. The lady was very kind to our lack of Dutch, and although queried my request for syrup in iced coffee rather than hot coffee (is that actually a strange request?), was happy to accomodate. Once we received our drinks, a pesky wasp forced us to relocate inside, but with the beaming sun outside, a little time to cool off was just what we needed to enjoy the food... and did you ever see lunch look so amazing yet be so healthy? I think not! Everything was fresh, great quality and just delicious, and I obviously had to test everyone elses food too, for review purposes of course ahem! I was very jealous of my parents shared dip platter to go with their bagels, but knowing I'm no good at fairly sharing food, I think I made the right decision with smoked meat, hummus and chutney! YUM!

The Lobby Restaurant and Bar: Once the parents had made their way off home, Big Sis and I headed to The Lobby after reading a recommendation on another blog. We were greeted by a lady with a strange, blunt sense of humour. We really weren't sure whether to laugh or not at what she said but we decided to just ignore the comment and carry on enjoying our day in the form of American Pancakes and a very unusual Bread and Tomato salad with Scallops. You'd imagine a plate of green leaf and tomotoes and a side a bread to arrive at your table, but what arrived was like nothing I'd ever tried! Squares of bread, soaked in the vibrant, cold tomato relish sauce. Doesn't sound the most appetising combination, does it?! But it completely worked! The bread almost acted as tofu in that it absorbed all the fresh taste of tomatoes in to one tiny bite. This mixed with the richness of the scallop and smoothness of the creme fraiche, gave just the perfect balance of flavour. Big Sis had the pancakes you see below - but bacon, banana, creme fraiche and maple syrup on top of a pile of spongy goodness doesn't really need explaining, does it!

And The Rest... Sushi at Jiro in the Orient Plaza, Hagelslag from Albert Heign, Iced Coffee at Puux, and Ice Cream at Lilly's Ijs & Chocolade! Any recommendations for my next visit to The Netherlands? Let know in the comments!

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Thursday, 27 August 2015


A little fact for you all, my big sister lives in The Netherlands, and has done so for a few years now. I'm clearly a bad little sis as until my trip, I hadn't made it over to visit even though it's literally like a 40 minute flight! That's less time than it takes to get to my hometown of Norwich! Anyway, as it's a place I've never been before, I obviously got photo happy and decided to share a few of these snaps with you. So, first up we visited the city of Utrecht...

Outfit: Pom Pom Detail Top: Zara, Necklace (one of set of three): Topshop (similar here), Blue Raw Hem Jeans: Topshop, Leopard Print Bag: Primark, Fringed Sandals: ASOS

Probably like most people, when I thought of The Netherlands the only town or city I could name was Amsterdam. So when my sister suggested visiting Utrecht, I had no idea what to expect! Turns out, it's a lovely city that I actually preferred to the capital! It's not only filled with the typical shops like H&M, Zara and Mango but also lovely independent ones, the best antique shops I've been to, gorgeous cafe's (including one of The Netherlands top voted cafe's - more on that in another blog post!) and last but not least the Miffy Museum! And what makes it even better is that just about everything in the centre is walkable to, so if you have even one day spare during a visit to the country, I'd definitely recommend you make the trip over to Utrecht!
Next came a short but sweet visit to my sisters home town of Nijmegen. I didn't take too many photos of this city but if you want to take a look, check out my Instagram page where I've been uploading photos of a few of the places we saw and things we ate including a traditional Dutch breakfast!
Right, on to Amsterdam! My mum and dad took a flight home a day earlier than me, leaving big sis and I to explore the city by ourselves. Whilst I'm sure it would have been hilarious to visit the Sex Museum and been inspiring to see the paintings of Van Gogh, we wanted to visit some of the less touristy areas and just have a good ol' walk about, throwing in a few canals for good measure, of course!...

Outfit: Sunglasses: Vans at ASOS, Striped Top: Monki, Circle Necklace: H&M (similar here)

Now, I did really like Amsterdam, but compared to all those who have raved about how amazing it is, I just thought it was... good! I loved loved loved spending time with my sister, but if I were to visit again I perhaps wouldn't put up as big a fuss about exploring the city as I did this time. It was absolutely boiling hot this day as well, so this combined with walking miles with a heavy rucksack wasn't all too fun! Saying this, I'll let you know my highlights... Firstly, Delft shops! As you'll see in an upcoming Interiors Post, I'm a big fan of collecting a whole load of blue and white nik naks from charity shops! So to walk in to a shop dedicated to the stuff was amazing! I especially loved the little kitty cat figures you can see in one of the photos above! Another big love were the buildings. Rows and rows of a monochrome Instagrammers dream! Haha! Oh what I would do to pick one of these up and plonk it down in central London and call it my own! And lastly, the CUTE little shops we went in! I'm a very bad blogger for not taking photos of these, but do take a trip slightly out of the central touristy area to Gerard Doustraat! You'll find some of the prettiest shops in town including Anna + Nina, Felice and All the Luck in the World. Filled with ditsy jewellery, rose gold interior pieces and upcoming fashion brands, you'll be really glad you take the walk (or bike ride) out there!
Until next time, please do let me know of any places you know (cafe's, shops and scenic surroundings included!) to visit around The Netherlands! And keep a look out for a round up post of all the place's we ate at while we were there, coming in the next few days hopefully!

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